My 600lb Life’s Brittani Fulfer unrecognisable after weight loss

My 600-lb Life: Paula discusses her weight loss

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Plenty of reality shows feature dramatic transformations documented on the popular US TLC programme My 600lb Life. Since its inception in 2012, dozens of men and women have had their lives changed thanks to the intervention of Dr Younan Nowzaradan. Based in Houston, Texas, Dr Younan performs weight loss surgery on patients who are desperate to improve their quality of life before it’s too late.

And while the journey is never easy for these people, it’s worth it to them to be able to reclaim their lives and accomplish goals they had previously given up on.

But fan-favourite Brittani Fulfer is almost unrecognisable these days compared to how she looked in My 600-lb Life.

Viewers first saw the dramatic changes in her first episode of the show.

Brittani first appeared on the TLC show in 2016 at a weight of 605lbs. But fast forward a few years, and she’s practically a new woman.

Taking to Twitter back in 2017, Fulfer posted a cool poolside pic with the caption: “First swim of the year.”

Fans soon rushed to praise her new look, with @SupGirl commenting: “You look amazing!!! And that #SPN tattoo gives me life!!”

And @scaussie75 replied: “@brittaniFulfar Thanks so much for sharing ur story on 600lb life. What a gorgeous, courageous and motivational person you are. Wish you Continued Good Health and results!”

Whilst other fans like @Samanthahallma8 were motivated by Brittani’s weight loss journey applauding her efforts and using her journey as inspiration for her own.

They penned: “Girl so proud of u. Im starting my on weight loss journey, and stopping smoking. I realized I’m headed for death, and I wanna live. U were part of that decision.thanks for showing it can be done.” (Sic)

In a later follow-up episode of the show, Brittani had additional surgery, with more energy to reach her goals though it was a bumpy ride.

During the procedure, the TLC star had 27lbs of fat removed from her abdomen alone.

She revealed that her nephew is “one of the reasons she keeps going” and reminds herself of him when she feels she’s at an all-time low.

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With a strict diet and can-do attitude, she celebrated by going to the beach without a shred of shame, ready to show the world what she’s got.

Brittani is married to her husband Bill and is also a dog mum. She was only able to sit and eat all day before losing weight but wanted to get to a point where she could move around a lot more often and be more practical.

She revealed that she had begun binge-eating due to a tough upbringing and childhood, and also revealing she struggles with depression.

But during her follow-up episode on the TLC show in 2018, she admitted: “I do want to look good for Bill, but I did most of this for me. It’s about me.”

Brittani has now lost over 333lbs, and has only continued to embark on her weight loss journey by exercising and eating better.

She also keeps her motivation up by going to regular therapy sessions.

Her positive outlook and willingness to turn her life around quickly made her a treasured member of the show, inspiring many others that there is hope to get in better shape and turn your life around.

My 600lb Life is available to stream via Amazon Prime Video channels in the UK now.

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