NCIS season 19 is coming to the UK and heres how to watch

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NCIS season 19 is well underway on CBS and fans in the UK are looking forward to accessing new episodes. A total of seven episodes have aired so far, with a short break on the way until the series resumes on November 29. has all you need to know about how to watch NCIS season 19 in the UK.

How to watch NCIS season 19 in the UK

Fans in the UK used to be able to watch the American police procedural drama over on Fox.

However, the network was closed down by The Walt Disney Company, which indicates where the latest season will now air.

Season 19, and all other previous seasons, will move over to Disney Plus in the next year.

A more precise release date is yet to be announced, but fans should receive further updates before the year is out.

Those in the UK will have seen NCIS stalwart Mark Harmon step down from his role as Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

The star’s departure came in the latest season, so UK viewers have a lot to prepare for.

Despite the fact Gibbs will no longer feature in the new season, the creators of the series have not ruled out a return.

In the meantime, former FBI agent Alden Parker (Gary Cole) has taken a leading role.

In preparation for the arrival of the latest season, fans will need to make sure they have a Disney Plus subscription.

The cost of a monthly subscription in the UK is £7.99, or there is an option to sign up for a whole year.

This costs £79.90, meaning fans will make a saving if they sign up for 12 months.

Unfortunately, the streaming platform is no longer offering a free trial, as it was discontinued in June 2020.

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their frustration over the long wait for season 19.

Tracey Savage said: “NCIS season 18 & 19 @Disney. When will you be showing these series on Disney Plus UK.

“I’ve just paid my subscription to be able to watch this and was VERY disappointed not to find the series being streamed. Please let me know what’s happening. Thank you. @NCIS_CBS”

Linda Berry added: “Am I going to be able to watch season 19 in the UK. Fox has gone! I’ve heard a lot of programmes shown in Fox are going over to one of Disney Plus’s branches. Is that right?” [Sic]

Hopefully, more information about a Disney Plus release date will come to light in the next few months.

Fans have wondered whether Mark Harmon’s exit marks the beginning of the end for the series.

He starred in more than 400 episodes across 18 seasons and there is the question of whether the show could survive without him.

Actor Cole stressed his character Agent Parker was not trying to be the next Gibbs.

He told TV Line: “I’ve done a lot of dropping into shows, [usually] as a recurring character.

“Part of my job description is to get comfortable, whatever that takes. I’m not trying to be [Gibbs].

“The writers made that distinction.” With this in mind, it is hoped Gibbs may make a comeback further down the line.

The series is yet to be renewed for its 20th season, which will be the first without Gibbs.

NCIS season 19 will be airing on Disney Plus soon.

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