‘Not pink!’ James Martin scolds guest over steak recipe probe: ‘Too floral’

James Martin advises on creating the best peppercorn steak sauce

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TV chef James Martin whipped up a steak on this weekend’s classic episode of James Martin’s Saturday Morning. An ITV viewer called into the show to ask how to best make a steak with peppercorn sauce. The presenter began cooking the dish, but when the fan asked if they could supplement one of the ingredients, James wasted no time in putting the guest in their place.

ITV viewers got a second chance to see James demonstrate how best to cook a steak when the channel aired a classic episode this weekend.

On the popular cooking show, a viewer named Elsa called into the show to ask for some advice from the TV chef.

She asked James how to make peppercorn sauce to accompany Sirloin steak.

He soon revealed it was quite simple to make and explained how to cook both a steak and peppercorn sauce in less than 10 minutes.

James began: “When you’re doing peppercorn steak, if you’re doing the whole thing from start to finish, you get your steak like this.

“So, you take the steak and black peppercorns. So, the whole process right the way through if you wanted a steak with peppercorn sauce.

“We’ve got black peppercorns over here, back of a knife…” he explained, before being interrupted by Elsa.

She asked the chef: “Can I use pink peppercorns as well?”

James stared down the barrel of the camera and snapped: “Black peppercorns. Black peppercorns alright?”

Elsa laughed at his blunt reaction and said: “Black ones then.”

James continued scolding the viewer for questioning his ingredients: “Not pink peppercorns, black peppercorns.

“Goes on to your steak, alright? So pink peppercorns are too floral, they’re not strong.

“So, you want to use black peppercorns,” the chef commented.

James continued with the cooking demonstration: “Now the sauce for this is really straightforward.

“What we’ve got here is a little bit of shallot. The reason why we use shallot is it’s more milder than onion, so we can do this quite quickly.

“So we take a little bit of diced shallot. You want a bit of diced shallot like that. Then the ingredients for our sauce are here,” he added.

James went on to list the key ingredients of the sauce, stating that cooks will need: double cream, veal stock and green peppercorns.

“You want some green peppercorns, not pink ones, green ones, green ones!” James exclaimed, teasing Elsa further.

“Then what you want to do is you can take a little bit of olive oil, in fact I’ll use a little bit of butter,” he said, before noting that cooks could also add brandy or white wine to the sauce.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:25am on ITV.

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