Report: Colt Johnson Returns for New Season of ’90 Day Fiance’ With New Brazilian GF

This comes as a surprise since a few days ago, Jess Caroline sparked breakup rumors during a Q&A session on Instagram Stories in which she hinted that Colt was cheating on her.

AceShowbizColt Johnson‘s relationship with “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After” ex-wife Larissa Dos Santos Lima might not work. However, it appears that it doesn’t stop the reality TV star from trying to show off his love journey on the small screen. A new report suggests that Colt rejoins the TLC show with his new Brazilian girlfriend.

Following his split from Larissa, Colt is dating a woman from Brazil named Jess Caroline for months. And now, multiple sources claimed that the pair had completed filming a new season of “90 Day Fiance”. He was said to be re-joining the show with a new Brazilian woman which was believed to be Jess.

Neither Colt and TLC has responded to the reports.

This comes as a surprise since a few days ago, Jess sparked breakup rumors with her Instagram post. During a Q&A session on Instagram Stories, the Brazil native appeared to shade Colt, making others to assume that they might have called it quits.

Jess appeared to imply that Cold lied to her big time when she asked her followers about “typical lies men talk about.” She got some interesting answers, and judging by her response, she seemingly found the answers relatable to her. For instance, she left several crying-laughing emojis when one user pointed out that men always lied about only talking about their girlfriends. She then added, “Men need to use some new lines.”

Further fueling the breakup rumors was the revelation that both Jess and Colt had unfollowed each other on social media. Nothing has been confirmed as of now as Jess and Colt have yet to officially comment on the issue.

Jess confirmed her romance with Colt back in July, posting on her Facebook account, “We are together for a while and only now the news are out here. I’m with him because I want and because he wants. I never wanted anything with anyone but with him we have chemistry.”

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