Rita Ora could be stranded in Bulgaria for Christmas after flights to UK suspended due to mutant Covid

SHE faced the wrath of the public after flouting Covid restrictions then flew to Bulgaria to escape the limelight.

But Rita Ora could face an even tougher punishment.

She may miss the chance to get home until well after Christmas, as the Bulgarian government has suspended all flights to and from the UK. Being stuck abroad is the last thing the singer needs.

Rita had to publicly apologise and agreed to pay a £10,000 fine after she hosted a party at a London restaurant during lockdown in November.

It was later revealed she had not isolated after returning from a gig in Egypt the week prior to the do.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was among those who gave her a ticking off.

A source said: “Rita flew out after the party incident to take time out and reflect on everything — and work on a music video while out there.

“It hit her hard because she knew she had made mistakes but wanted to be clear how remorseful she was and then head away to stay out of the limelight for a bit.

“Bulgaria is a far cry from London and meant she could film a video for her new music without attracting too much attention, which is the last thing she wants right now.

“But things have changed fast and she faces the prospect of being stuck for God knows how long.

“At the moment there are no flights back until January 31.

“It’s the worst end to a nightmare few months.”

Rita’s trip came after she urged fans to “learn” from her mistakes.

Here’s hoping she can get home soon, and get back to what she does best with some hits in 2021.

John's sleep fear led to drug habit

Rocker John Lydon says he took drugs to stop himself sleeping because he was so fearful of waking up and not remembering who he was.

The Sex Pistols and later Public Image Ltd frontman lost his memory at seven years old after being struck down by a serious case of meningitis and losing consciousness. He often couldn’t remember who his parents were.

His memory eventually returned by the time he was 12, but the trauma led to a lifetime of worry that he could one day fall asleep and become forgetful again.

John turned to drugs including stimulant cocaine in a bid to stop himself nodding off.

He  said: “There was just too much temptation.

“Thre was a lot of that cocaine floating around which can screw up a lot of things.

“That was a hard one to walk away from.

“For me, it’s things that keep me awake which are the things I’m interested in.

“The longer I’m awake the less chance of waking up from a sleep not knowing who I am.

“I never, ever want to go through that period of being in the hospital and not knowing who I was again.”

John, who was known in the Pistols as Johnny Rotten, was known for another vile habit – his constant spitting on stage.

But he has revealed it was also due to a medical reason.

In  his new The Public Image Is Rotten documentary on Amazon Prime Video, he said: “I can’t help spitting.

“All my life I’ve had this constant problem – it’s meningitis again – things will form in the back of my throat.

“That’s why I always have a spittoon, because I can feel it and I can’t get the notes out.

“You have to clear your throat out somehow.”

I must think of a medical reason for my constant need to be in a pub.

Robbie sows oats

Robbie Williams has come up with another way to make money – this time through a culinary speciality.

The Angels singer is gearing up to launch his own secret-recipe range of oatcakes.

And he is poised to land a deal with Weight Watchers after becoming an ambassador for the dieting brand.

A Robbie source said: “He’s really passionate about it and wants to take them around the world.

“They’re a delicacy in his home town of Stoke-on-Trent and he thinks everyone needs to try them.

“He’s tried the recipe on (wife) Ayda and the rest of the family – and they love them.”

Stokies have the oatmeal pancakes with a traditional cooked breakfast, often with the addition of grilled cheese.

And they are hugely proud of the Staffordshire speciality.

Robbie has spoken previously about his love of oatcakes, while bemoaning the fact they can prove “hard to get hold of” .

I wonder how his pals in Los Angeles will take to them.

Shia's a hit with kisses

It seems Shia LaBeouf hasn’t been put off women despite the court row he’s having with his ex FKA Twigs.

The Hollywood star was straddled by his partner Margaret Qualley as they locked lips at Los Angeles airport.

It comes after he was accused by singer FKA – who is now dating The 1975’s Matty Healy –  of abuse during their year-long relationship.

She allegedly suffered physical, mental and emotional abuse.

He denies the allegations, but the pair are now embroiled in a court battle.

Since the claims became public, Shia has suffered another setback.

Even though he plays the leading role in new Netflix drama Pieces Of A Woman, alongside Brit actress Vanessa Kirby, the streaming giant has removed his name  from its awards campaign.

Oh My, it's festive hit

A song about not being able to get home for Christmas has become an anthem after Boris Johnson’s U-turn.

Christmas Ain’t Cancelled by Oh My God! It's The Church is about missing friends and family over the hols.

Hailed as a defiant antidote to the late rule changes, the chorus goes: “Though I can’t be near, I’ll spread some cheer because Christmas ain’t cancelled this year.”

The band’s Mary Lou said: “It’s actually quite an upbeat song about finding joy in the small things at Christmas . . .  but tinged with sadness.”

Khloe's my fav Xmas card

I know what I want for Christmas – Khloe Kardashian in lingerie under a tree.

But not everyone was happy about this wonderful picture as it featured a number of Louis Vuitton bags, which she was accused of being “tone deaf” about in the pandemic.

Khloe commented on Instagram: “Don’t be f***ing rude!!!!! (In my best Kim K voice).”

Meanwhile her sister Kourtney, who is never one to be left out of a gratuitous picture, posted a snap of herself straddling a polar bear, with the words “Have a beary Merry Christmas”.


'I can't cull Amy texts'

Jamie Cullum is still “too sad” to listen to Amy Winehouse’s music, nine years after her death.

The singer also told how he recently found old text messages from his friend.

Jamie said: “I found all her texts on an old phone. I’m sure anyone has that, where dead people are on your phone and you can’t delete their conversations.

“It was her and I just couldn’t delete them because it was a monument to a brief and lovely friendship.”

The singer told the Walking The Dog podcast: “If her music comes on I can’t listen to it.

“It’s too sad to think of the times where I could’ve of reached out.”

Smith songs

Will Smith’s son Jaden is creating his own hip-hop in his upcoming album.

He told Wonderland mag, now available at wonderlandshop.tv: “I’m trying to tap into some psychedelic alternative hip-hop.

“It’s a bunch of different genres put together. I’m really happy about it and the impact it’s having.

“It’s a different sound for me. I like to experience different sounds and I want to continue to not stay in the same lane.

“I’m really excited for the future and the songs on this album.”

Billie’s back

BILLIE EILISH has teased a “new era” starting in 2021 and some new releases.

The singer said: “It will be the end of an era.

“I’m gonna give you a new era.

“I have announcements to make, I’ve got some s*** to put out.”

Sporting green and black hair, Billie told fans: “I am making you a f***ing album.

“I will not put it out if you keep making fun of my hair.”

Sophie moves from kitchen to prog-pop

After Top Ten success with her latest album, Sophie Ellis-Bextor is already working on her next project.

She said: “I’m halfway through making a new album and I think I want to look forward again. Next year I want to feel positive and optimistic about what’s happening in the future.

“I’ve done enough dining out on what I did in the past with the discos.”

She says the follow up to this year’s Songs From The Kitchen Disco will be a bit of a change.

The Murder On The Dancefloor singer added: “What we’re doing is sort of quite proggy pop.

“I do love dance music but I want my albums to reflect where I am at and I’ve done enough of singing about fancying people in clubs.

“It’s just not really how I live my life any more, as people can tell from my kitchen discos.”

Xmas top spot

LADBABY has all but captured the Christmas No1, according to one bookmaker.

Coral has suspended betting on his Don’t Stop Me Eatin’ having finished on the tiniest of odds.

The bookies’ John Hill said: “It looks as though Ladbaby is on course for an incredible third straight Christmas No1 single in the UK.

“The YouTube star was as short as 1/10 in our betting before we pulled the plug on the market.”

Yesterday the novelty hitmaker from West Bridgford, Notts, had sold 116,000, making his spoof of Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey a shoo-in for the top spot.

Last year he hit No1 with I Love Sausage Rolls. In 2018 his track We Built This City topped the Christmas chart.

The proceeds from all three tracks have gone to The Trussell Trust.

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