Robert kills Victoria's rapist after his sick demand in Emmerdale?

Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) is set to be pushed to the edge in Emmerdale as Victoria Barton’s (Isabel Hodgins) rapist Lee becomes even more appalling and demands money from her in order to leave her and her unborn baby alone. With Lee having already escaped justice for his deplorable crime, Robert is devastated that he has managed to push Victoria and Diane (Elizabeth Estensen) out of the village. But even then, Lee isn’t satisfied.

However, there is only so far you can push Robert when it comes to the people that he loves and as Lee takes a step too far, Robert prepares to exact revenge – but will he go as far as murder to get Lee out of Victoria’s life for good?

Victoria tells Robert and Aaron (Danny Miller) that she and Diane will be leaving the village sooner than expected but after experiencing stomach pains, she is taken to hospital where her baby is scanned and Robert is overcome with emotion upon seeing the sonogram of his niece or nephew for the first time.

Victoria’s relieved to witness Robert acknowledge the baby as part of the family but the joy is shirt lived when Lee suddenly demands compensation plus a full public apology from her, accusing her of ruining his life with a false allegation.

At home Diane and Robert are in turmoil what to do and Victoria is adamant she will never apologise. Diane tries to convince Victoria paying off Lee is the best option but Victoria is rightfully having none of it – she has nothing to be sorry for. Before long Lee turns up but he’s not backing down – he wants double the money they’ve offered and the apology.

Robert is aghast and his anger reaches boiling point – but what will he do? And will it be the catalyst for his exit from the show?

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