Spoilers: Charity and Mack in Emmerdale reconnect after baby loss

Charity (Emma Atkins) and Mack (Lawrence Robb) faced tragedy in last night’s Emmerdale as it was revealed that their pregnancy was ectopic and therefore not viable. Tonight, it became clear that they were both dealing with the loss in different ways.

While Charity wanted to move on and forget what had happened, taking measures to distract herself, Mack wanted to acknowledge the tragedy.

Unable to broach the subject with Charity, Mack sought comfort from sister Moira (Natalie J. Robb), who allowed him to talk through his feelings.

Later in the episode, Moira paid Charity a visit. She pointed out that what had happened to Charity had also happened to Mack, and that he wasn’t coping very well.

When Mack returned home, he and Charity finally sat down for a conversation, where they opened up about how they felt.

Mack pointed out that he’d always assumed he’d have children, but was never really bothered about whether he did or not. However, Charity’s pregnancy had made him realise that he wanted a baby with her.

Charity also shared her side, worrying that Mack may now think something in their relationship was missing, as she would be unable to give him a child. However, he assured her that they could go back to how they were before.

Will Charity and Mack be able to move past their loss?

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