Spoilers: Marlon in Emmerdale asks to return to hospital to ease family stress

It was another difficult day for the Goskirk/Dingle family following Marlon Dingle’s (Mark Charnock) return home to the Emmerdale village.

With Rhona (Zoe Henry) now being the sole carer for Marlon, she’s currently trying to find a way of managing his condition while looking after their children and do everything else that comes with being an adult.

Tonight, with Rhona busy, it meant April (Amelia Flanagan) had to spend time with Marlon on her own.

With Rhona in the kitchen defrosting another of Laurel’s (Charlotte Bellamy) casseroles, April was reading to her dad.

When Marlon asked for a drink of water, April helped, but couldn’t handle the situation when he started choking.

Rhona rushed in and assisted, but the ordeal terrified April as she later questioned if she’s capable of looking after Marlon if Rhona isn’t in the room.

Rhona did her very best to reassure April, but it was clear the teen was struggling to cope with the fact Marlon will be in recovery for a very long time.

Recognising his family is incredibly stressed, Marlon tearfully told Rhona he should return to hospital.

Marlon thinks care from the doctors and nurses will ease the tension on his family, but what does Rhona think?

Can she persuade Marlon to stay?

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