Spoilers: Vi makes a shock return to save Stuart in EastEnders

Stuart Highway (Ricky Champ)’s grandmother Vi (Gwen Taylor) left EastEnders in November after she told Stuart and Callum (Tony Clay) about her son, Christopher, who she put in care because he had Down’s syndrome. But she’s set to return in upcoming episodes, as Stuart’s cancer storyline takes a turn for the worse.

Stuart reacted badly to the news about Christopher, believing that Vi was the reason that he ended up in care himself, and kicked her out. He immediately regretted his actions but it was too late.

Vi isn’t the only returning character in upcoming episodes, as Bernadette Taylor (Clair Norris) is also set to make a surprise reappearance in the Square – just in time to give birth to Stuart and Rainie’s baby. Bernie is acting as a surrogate for the couple, and the arrival of the baby is what prompts Vi to return to Walford.

Stuart is still insisting on trying to treat his breast cancer with natural supplements rather than having the surgery that his doctors are recommending. Even when he hears that the cancer has grown, he stands by his approach, much to Rainie (Tanya Franks)’s despair.

When Vi puts in an appearance his reaction is to push her away by saying she can’t see the new baby. Is he scared that she’ll try to change his mind about the treatment?

Rainie is in despair about Stuart’s decision not to have treatment, and she confides in Vi about what’s been happening since she went away, and her worries that Stuart may not survive if he carries on down this path.

Can Vi manage to talk some sense into her grandson before it’s too late?

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