Strictlys John Whaite shuts down political rant after Liz Truss resigned

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    TV chef John Whaite has shut down Conservative MP Sayeeda Warsi during political rant after Liz Truss stepped down as Prime Minister on Steph’s Packed Lunch.

    During Thursday’s visit to the Channel 4 studios, Steph McGovern welcomed viewers back alongside the staple co-host and political expert Sayeeda on the show.

    Half-way through the show, the programme went live to No. 10 Downing Street where Liz Truss announced she would be stepping down as Prime Minister once a new leader has been elected in a week’s time.

    When the broadcast returned to the live show, her political resignation after 44 days in office sparked an electric conversation between the presenters.

    But that didn’t stop the Strictly Come Dancing finalist, 33, from shutting down all talk of the topic as he attempted to demonstrate to viewers at home how to make the perfect Sticky Toffee Pudding.

    While John was seen cooking in the background, Steph asked the MP who she thinks would be a good fit to become the new Prime Minister or Great Britain.

    She replied: “If I had a complete choice and we could go for a single candidate, the most competent and most trusted person is somebody who hasn’t put himself forward and that’s Ben Wallace.

    “He’s a defence secretary, he’s a safe pair of hands, he’s sensible and he's basically the man behind-the-scenes who’s be responding to the war in the Ukraine.”

    The Leeds native went on to point out that Ben Wallace publicly stated that he didn’t want to run for leadership.

    Sayeeda continued: “He ruled himself out for the last leadership election but if this is going to a straight forward coronation if you will and we’re gonna go for one candidate, he would be the least contentious, most sensible pair of hands.”

    It was at this point that the Great British Bake Off winner shut down her political conversation as he attempted to carry on explaining his scrumptious recipe on air.

    He fumed: “Will you just let me cook Sayeeda? I’ve had enough, I've had enough of politics I'm trying to make a blooming pudding!”

    As the studio erupted into laughter and chuckled at his blunt comment, comedian Dane Baptiste could be heard shouting: “John Whaite for Prime Minister in the background.”

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