'Suits': Gabriel Macht Couldn't Stand 1 Detail About Harvey

The USA Network has had few shows as successful or notorious as Suits. Not only did it make Meghan Markle a household name even before she became royalty, it made Gabriel Macht the star he is today, too. If you don’t recognize Macht from Suits, then you might have caught him in The Others, on an episode of Sex and the City, or in movies like The Good Shepherd and Because I Said So.

Macht’s first major role was in a movie called Why Would I Lie? back in 1980, when he was only 8 years old. Now 48, Macht has had steady work for four decades, but few roles have brought him as much lasting success as his gig on Suits. Given what it has meant to his career, you’d expect that Macht has nothing but good things to say about playing Harvey.

In fact, Macht has talked in interviews about at least one big downside to playing the character … so what is it?

Harvey Specter on ‘Suits’ is Gabriel Macht’s most high-profile role

If you’ve never seen Suits, you might now know that it kinda put USA on the map as a network. They’ve always been an institution … who doesn’t love Psych, right? But Suits was a little grittier and more high-intensity drama than anything they’d had before. Over nine seasons from 2011 to 2019, the show consistently delivered impactful and witty legal drama about a lawyer named Harvey Specter (Macht) who invites his friend Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) to join his law firm even though Ross has no legal degree.

It’s a pretty classic TV set-up and the stellar cast made it work. Not only did Macht and Adams play off each other amazingly but series regulars like Meghan Markle, Sarah Rafferty, Gina Torres, and Rick Hoffman always delivered consistently funny and intense performances that really made the show’s mix of comedy and drama work well. As one of the central figures, Macht’s Harvey Specter was the glue that held the show together.

There’s a lot of fun inside info about ‘Suits’

Behind the scenes of any great show, there’s bound to be some rumors, drama, and shenanigans. Suits is no exception since insiders on the set have spilled all sorts of fun little tidbits over the years. For instance, most people know that Markle eventually left the show to marry Prince Harry, but what you might not know is that she was actually married to someone else (a producer!) when she first started on Suits. Macht has some Suits marriage drama of his own, too — namely that Jacinda Barrett, who played Harvey’s love interest on the show once, is also his wife in real life.

There are other fun pieces of trivia about Suits, too. For instance, Patrick J. Adams’ own photography was used to decorate the set, the show has successfully let more profanity fly than just about any other show on the USA network, and apparently, Suits consistently scored second in cable TV ratings, losing only to Game of Thrones, according to ScreenRant. 

Macht couldn’t stand this one thing about playing Harvey Specter

However, there was one secret that Macht managed to keep hidden behind his poker face — he absolutely hated Harvey Specter’s signature haircut, according to ScreenRant. Even though the hairstyle is basically iconic and perfect for the character, Macht apparently found the entire coif a bit too slick and suave for his personal tastes. Fans with a discerning eye will note that on his personal time, he tends to keep his hair more casual and natural.

There is no doubt that Specter’s hair is pretty central to his characterization on the show and a big part of why audiences find the character so debonair. It’s probably good that Macht didn’t get to veto the look in the long run, because it’s honestly hard to picture Harvey Specter without it!

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