Sweet Tooth star James Brolin confesses he ‘was not supposed to know’ about Netflix series

Sweet Tooth: Netflix release teaser trailer for new series

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Sweet Tooth is Netflix’s new dystopian science-fiction series that boosts big ideas and a bigger cast, with James Brolin narrating the show. The show is told like a fantasy tale through the use of narration, bringing together many different inspirations. Express.co.uk recently interviewed James Brolin about the series and what drew him to the project.

Sweet Tooth just dropped on Netflix (June 4) and has already found itself a dedicated following of fans.

Adapted from the original comic book series by Jeff Lemire, the show explores themes of environmentalism, humanity, and division.

The story of the show follows a child named Gus (played by Christian Convery), who happened to be a hybrid.

These hybrids were created following a virus that swept through the world and decimated society.

All that is left now are the remnants of human civilisation and the hybrids which are being hunted down to extinction.

“I did a quick search…I was not surprised to know!”

The tale is told with the use of a narrator, voiced by James Brolin, the legendary Hollywood actor best known for Westworld, Capricorn One and The Amityville Horror.

Express.co.uk recently interviewed Brolin about the series, where the star revealed he “was not supposed to know much about [Sweet Tooth].”

Brolin explained he didn’t go back to the original comic before joining the project and that much of the series was revealed to him.

The star continued: “I did this quick search, okay, what is this comic book how do I learn about it and I couldn’t come up with much of anything.

“I actually did find one copy on eBay that was $470 and besides, I was not supposed to know much about this.”

Brolin also detailed how when he recorded the series most of the show was not shown to him, only the scenes that he would have to record over.

All the narration was recorded from Brolin’s home under COVID-19 guidelines, separating him from the rest of the cast.

Brolin explained: “We recorded everything at home because of COVID with an amazing setup that [Netflix] brought.

“I was all alone in connection by earphones and Ethernet with the Warner Brothers sound. They would only play be what they wanted me to record over.”

Brolin also explained how he didn’t even see the whole series until June 4 when the show premiered, when “everybody else knew a lot about it.”

The star also admitted to thinking his performance was “a bit rickety” in the first episode however it slowly picked up through the series.

James Brolin is new to voice work, with most of his career being live-action performance – recently starring in the series Life in Pieces as John Short.

However, Brolin added that he began to “subliminally understand the direction of the series” which helped his performance progress across season one.

The recording process came with its challenges, however, as Brolin admitted to challenging the filmmakers over the direction of his performance.

Brolin said: “I find that they try and direct you and say ‘oh, do this, do that.’

“I say well let me be quiet for a second and try and get a couple of things and afterward they go, ‘oh that’s pretty good.”

The star’s narration bookends the series and helps guide the viewer throughout the episodes.

Despite its science-fiction setting, the narration gives the series a feeling of fantasy which is helped by the visuals of the hybrids.

Netflix has announced that the series will be returning for a second season, though there has been no word on casting at this stage.

Fans should expect James Brolin to return as the narrator, however, along with Christian Convery as Gus and Nonso Anozie as Tommy Jeppard.

There were 46 issues of the original comic series, meaning there is plenty of content for Netflix to pull from to continue with the show.

The comics were published by Vertigo which is owned by DC Comics – Robert Downey Jr’s production company, Team Downey, partnered with DC and Netflix for the series.

There is no word yet on the release date for season two, however, fans should expect it to drop summer of 2022.

Season one ends with a series of cliffhangers, so there is still plenty more Sweet Tooth story to come.

Sweet Tooth is available to watch exclusively on Netflix.

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