Teen Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason slams Derek Chauvin verdict & insists George Floyd 'died of an overdose'

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason slammed the Derek Chauvin verdict and insisted George Floyd "died of an overdose."

Derek Chauvin, 45, was found guiltyĀ of second-degree murder, third-degree murder, and manslaughter, and he faces 40 years in jail.

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Following yesterday's triumph for Black Lives Matter when Chauvin was taken out of the courtroom in handcuffs, many took to the streets to celebrate the news.

However, David condemned the verdict on his social media as a devoted supporter of Blue Lives Matter.

He shared a picture from a news outlet and wrote: "You mean all those riots were for nothing?

"But George Floyd died of an overdose, according to the autopsy…"

The father of three later deleted the Instagram Story.

Since appearing on Teen Mom 2, David has been very open about his political views and has shared multiple pictures of himself holding Confederate flags.

Back in February, David condemned Black History month and even defended his use of the N-word.

The North Carolina native shared a message he received from TikTok reading: "Celebrate the beauty of Blackness past, present and future with TikTok. #MakeBlackHistory."

The ex TV star rushed to Facebook to share his distaste about the video-sharing app's campaign, where he wrote: "Got this notification on TikTok and I'm just curious.

"If they had said 'Celebrate the beauty of whiteness. #MakeWhiteHistory,' would yall push to cancel TokTok too?"

He added: "Doesn't it going both ways? Aren't white people beautiful? What if TikTok was owned by a black man, I've never seen a black person canceled for their beliefs in my lifetime….. #cancelculture #OneRaceHumanRace."

Before that, David responded to aĀ Facebook postĀ about racial slurs, writing: "What's the problem? They call themselves n***a all day every day.

"Even lifting up the word like it's elegant in their songs. Not that I think it's right but life is a two way street."

He continued: "Why do black people get away with calling white people crackers, snow flakes, Nazis, supremacists, etc."

David added in a second post: "Now that I think about it I've been called n***a and n****r at least a couple thousand times in my life.

"Is that racism? My friends didn't care if I said it back to them when I was a kid."

Back in August, he was slammed for claiming white people are being "attacked" and saying all "wrongs" that white people have committed "have been righted."

The firedĀ MTVĀ starĀ posted a white square on Instagram, which was a nod to the black square millions of people posted on Blackout Tuesday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The formerĀ Teen MomĀ star wrote: "White out Wednesday because I love my strong, white, American brothers and sisters who are proud and not ashamed of their skin color regardless of all the prejudice against us right now!

"We are being attacked by everyone, then some of you feel guilty for no reason. What did we do that was so wrong? All the wrongs have been righted!"

David marriedĀ Jenelle, 29, in 2017. They share three-year-old daughter Ensley, while he also has teenage daughter Maryssa from a previous relationship.

Back in May 2019, Jenelle was fired fromĀ Teen Mom 2Ā after David admitted to shooting and killing the familyā€™s French bulldog for nipping at Ensley.

He continued his violent streak when he documentedĀ killing and eating the family's pet goat, Elvis.

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