Teen Mom Leah Messer’s ex-boyfriend Jason Jordan claims he’s MARRIED just months after split – The Sun

TEEN Mom 2 star Leah Messer’s ex-boyfriend Jason Jordan is claiming he’s married only months after their split.

Leah, 27, and Jason, 41, split in March 2019 after a year of dating on-and-off.

When they split, Leah revealed on Teen Mom 2 that their relationship had been “toxic.”

But Jason, who appeared on the MTV series, didn’t wait long to move on, as he posted his first photo with his new girlfriend Meghan in September 2019.

Only weeks later, Jason posted a photo of his girlfriend with his son, Raylan, from a previous relationship.

Jason even claimed he is married earlier this week.

A follower asked over Instagram: “So you got married. Lol.”

He responded: “Haha I guess lol.”

The user replied: "Congrats. Tell Meghan and Ray Ray hi.”

He responded to another follower that he is “the lucky one.”

Jason called his girlfriend and son his "fam" in a recent Instagram post.

But a clerk for Putnam County in West Virginia confirmed to The Sun that Jason has not filed for a marriage license.

Leah and Jason dated for six months before splitting in October 2018.

By November 2018, they were back together and split March of the next year.

On Teen Mom 2, Leah called the relationship “toxic.”

She told a producer: “It just wasn’t right. My kids weren’t feeling it anymore either. They were picking up the energy and it wasn’t okay. You don’t see the behind the scenes.”

The MTV star claimed he was on his best behavior when cameras were around.

She explained: “We’ve had a lot of disagreements lately on parenting. He gets openly angry. He gets upset and takes it out on everyone. There was always an expectation I could never meet. What I did was never enough.

"I could get up, cook breakfast, have all the kids ready, go watch his kid, it wasn’t enough.”

She said the final straw was when he kept her dog in the garage when it was 39 degrees.

After the split, Jason allegedly showed up to her home and called her sister Victoria to help win her back.

She said: “He was texting me non-stop and I’m like freaking out and he just walks through my screen door with all this great stuff trying to suck me back in. He brought a key to his house. Why do that when things aren’t great? That’s a bad sign. That’s toxic.”

Leah then started hooking up with ex-husband Jeremy Calvert, who is the father of her daughter Adalynn, 6.

But the two have ended their fling.

Leah, who is also mother to twin daughters Ali and Aleeah, 10, with ex-husband Corey Simms, is currently single.

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