Teen Mom OG's Ryan Edwards claims he's been clean from drugs for THREE years after ex Maci Bookout suspects he relapsed

TEEN Mom OG star Ryan Edwards claimed he's been clean from drugs for three years despite his ex Maci Bookout's suspected he relapsed.

The father of three and his family were fired from the popular MTV series after tensions with his first baby mama and her husband, Taylor McKinney, boiled over.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the former reality star claimed: "I’ve been doing good with my sobriety. [August 19] was three years since I’ve been completely clean."

He continued: "I don’t really go to meetings or anything, we’ve just got so much s**t going on and I feel like when I go to a meeting everybody just wants to talk about the show."

The 33-year-old made it clear he is "staying busy working with metal and building race cars…"

Ryan has struggled with heroin abuse, as he was in and out of rehab and jail for years.

He was even accused of being under the influence when he tied the knot with his wife, Mackenzie, in 2017, leading to 21 days of rehab.

One year later, Ryan was arrested and charged with simple possession of heroin, which came months after he was released from jail for violating his probation stemming from another heroin possession charge.

Aside from drug related charges, Ryan also spent three months behind bars in 2019 for allegedly skipping out on a bar tab.

However, Mackenzie claimed things are better now.

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She said: "We are in a happy place at the moment. Nobody is saying that we haven’t made mistakes, because we have. But I’m not going to harp over them or live in sadness or shame over the past five years."


Mackenzie, 24, continued: "We’ve been through the best days of our lives on the show but we’ve also been through some of the worst.

“That is part of my story, it’s part of Ryan’s story and I’m just proud of that, I’m proud of us and how far we’ve come with our family."

Although, she added: "A 20-year-old battling an addiction in their partner is a hard pill to swallow.

“There’s not a resource book or a handbook that tells you exactly how to deal with those things. Sometimes you make the right decisions and sometimes you don’t.


“You learn from your mistakes and you move on and you try to be better and grow…

"When I see somebody on the side of the road I just know that nobody chooses to be an addict, nobody takes their first pill and says, ‘I just want to be a drug addict.'

“You start thinking about all the life experiences that they’ve been through and what it’s taken to get where they are now and it just kind of breaks you a little bit inside…"

Mackenzie concluded: "… We don’t have to stay stuck looking backwards, we look forwards and we look in the rearview mirror to see where we’ve come from…"

The couple share son Jagger and daughter Stella.


Ryan's ex, who he shares 12-year-old son Bentley with, previously questioned whether her first baby daddy was actually sober.

During an episode of Teen Mom OG, Maci, 30, said: "Bentley's birthday party was a couple weeks ago and I'm still concerned about Ryan's sobriety.

"But I only allow Bentley to see him when he's with [his parents] Jen and Larry, so I know he's safe."

"In my opinion, he was 100% not sober," she added, as her husband Taylor McKinney agreed, "I wouldn't call you crazy if you thought that."

He continued: "Part of that's just because it's happened so many times. It's not a knock on him. You have to think that way because it's your son."


The two couples have not seen eye to eye in the past, as not only as Mackenzie accused Maci of "using her kids to make a quick buck," but she also labeled her a "hypocrite" for not wanting to put the tension between the families as ease.

Ryan also claimed his ex "poisoned" his son against him, as he alleged: “I did go to therapy with Bentley, Maci has kind of put a halt on everything after my dad and Taylor had that argument."

The ex TV star also claimed exclusively to The Sun that tensions were already running high between the show’s producers and himself before he was fired following the now infamous Teen Mom OG reunion fight.


“Ryan has never been there for him, but y’all put it on Bentley!” Taylor told Ryan's father, Larry, during the sit-down in April.

The accusatory words upset Larry, causing him to push off the couch and lunge toward Taylor, yelling: “You know what!”

Maci's husband followed suit and jumped off the couch toward Larry, as well, but they were soon separated.

Ryan, Mackenzie, and his parents would soon be axed by the network.

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