'Teen Mom': The Only Gossip That Gets Under Farrah Abraham's Skin

One thing you can say about former Teen Mom reality star, Farrah Abraham, is that she has a ton of haters. It seems every day, the 28-year-old is coming under fire for her life choices. Be it her decision to star in adult films, the way she dresses, or her decision to get plastic surgery, she’s always getting critiqued for something. But, despite the criticisms that the Ex On The Beach star faces daily, she seems to do a pretty good job of ignoring her haters. However, there’s one criticism that truly gets under Abraham’s skin.

No time for gossip

In a recent interview, Abraham was asked how she handles the gossip that comes along with being a public figure. She was quick to reply that she spends a great deal of time ignoring things that are written about her. She also commented that she was far too busy to give attention to all the gossip she hears about herself. “I just really avoid things because it’s not needed. I have so much going on in my real life, gossip I don’t have time for” the 28-year-old said.

Farrah Abraham’s daughter, Sophia

But avoiding gossip entirely is completely unavoidable in the age of social media. When Abraham was asked about the most annoying gossip she hears about herself, she quickly made reference to her 10-year-old daughter, Sophia. “There’s always so much gossip. I really don’t like to listen to any of it. Umm maybe that I don’t spend time with my daughter. But I think that’s the only thing that would get to a mom” the former Teen Mom star replied.

Instagram criticism

Being criticized for her parenting style is something that Abraham experiences multiple times a day. She is constantly accused of neglecting Sophia on her social media pages. Users always question why Sophia isn’t traveling with Abraham or in more of her social media posts. Some have even gone so far as to accuse the reality star of abandoning her daughter.

“Try not to leave your 10 yr old alone there for hours while you go make a buck!” one user wrote under one of Abraham’s recent Instagram posts. “What if something happened to Sophia while you’re off being “self-made” Do you expect much sympathy? You play with people’s emotions when it comes to your ongoing fake grief over Derek, what if your neglectful behavior led to Sophia getting hurt, kidnapped or worse? You already drive while recording yourself on your cellphone with Sophia in the backseat. Do you see why you’re up there with the 3 worst teen moms on MTV?!” another critic asked Abraham. Comments like this sprout up each and every day, with some users even threatening to report Abraham to the Department of Children and Family Services.

Glass houses

We can see why any mom would be offended by the nonstop mom-shaming that Abraham receives. Truly it can be hard to tell if Sophia is in fact happy and healthy, but it’s probably not for strangers on the Internet to decide if she is being properly taken care of. That said, we don’t feel too much sympathy for Abraham as she has no issues calling out her former castmates for being bad mothers. After all, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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