The Chase’s Anne Hegerty tells team final score ‘isn’t enough’ before brutal win

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The Chase star Anne Hegerty didn't hold back on her thoughts on Friday's team of contestants.

The Governess was in the hot seat once again during the latest edition of the ITV quiz show.

Contestants George and Tony made it through to the final chase and were both determined to go home with a share of £10,000.

They managed to get 16 steps ahead of Anne in the final chase but host Bradley Walsh quickly warned them that they were "a little light" and would "need some push backs".

The presenter said: "We got rocking and rolling there. Took a little while to get going but we got going for sure.

"16 is not bad for two got to say. I'd say we're three short."

Before she answered her final set of general knowledge questions, Anne told the pair that the score of 16 was "not enough".

She said: "Started ok but no it's not enough'.

Proving her point, Anne managed to answer 16 questions correctly with over 30 seconds still remaining on the clock.

As a result, George and Tony were sent home empty handed while Anne celebrated another win.

Viewers rushed to their keyboards to praise the former I'm A Celebrity contestant on her latest victory.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Anne is so right – they aren’t good enough."

Another added: "Well done Anne."

A third person posted: "Anne’s too good I’m afraid."

While a fourth social media user wrote: "Anne claims another easy victory."

Earlier in the episode, Anne managed to catch Will and Michelle in their head-to-head rounds.

However, George managed to get home and dry with £6,000 and Tony sailed through and added £4,000 to the prize fund.

With £10,000 on the line, the duo put on a great performance in the final chase but it wasn't enough to beat Anne.

Anne, 62, has also been starring in Beat The Chasers all this week alongside her co-stars Jenny Ryan, Darragh Ennis, Mark Labbett and Shaun Wallace.

The Chase airs weekdays on ITV at 5pm

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