The coolest Toy Story toys and accessories you can buy right ow

With Toy Story 4 dominating the box office for two consecutive weekends, it’s clear the excitement over the Disney-Pixar franchise is far from over. While the fourth iteration of the film features our beloved old friends like Woody and Buzz, the story also introduces us to a new toy named Forky.

The first Toy Story movie came out in 1995, and in the 20-plus years since, fandom for Woody and the gang clearly has not dwindled. Toy Story is a franchise that can appeal to both kids and adults now, not just for the nostalgia component but also because of the strong casting. Forky is voiced by actor Tony Hale, known for his quirky roles in Veep and Arrested Development, and several legendary comedians also voice characters in the movie.

Considering the movie’s successful box office numbers and star-studded cast, Toy Story toys and accessories are likely not only to be a big trend this summer and fall but beloved collectibles as time goes on. Sure, you may see a bunch of Toy Story lunch boxes cropping up in school cafeterias, but we’re willing to bet some of the classic items will pop up in office cubicles and college dorm rooms, too.

Below, we’ve picked out the best Toy Story toys and paraphernalia soon to become priceless collectibles.

Buy it! Buzz Lightyear Talking Action Figure – Special Edition, $59.95 on

Buy it! Woody Interactive Talking Action Figure, $32.95 on

Buy it! Toy Story Pin Set – Limited Release, $29.95 on

Buy it! Toy Story ‘95 T-Shirt for Adults, $24.95 on

Buy it! Woody Flip-Top Water Bottle, $8.95 on

Buy it! Forky Shufflerz Walking Figure, $12.95 on

Buy it! Jessie Jeweled Mini Figurine by Arribas, $40 on

Buy it! “The Original Toys” Giclèe on Canvas by Tim Rogerson – Limited Edition, $149.95 on

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