The Crown creator calls The Queen and Margaret Thatcher 'twins' as he teases major clash of leadership in season 4

THE Crown creator Peter Morgan has teased major clash of leadership between The Queen and Margaret Thatcher in season 4, who he labelled as 'twins.'

The writer says the new series will portray the two Royal stalwarts as having many similarities in the news series, despite their difference of opinion.

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Surprised at how much they actually have in common, Peter told  Vanity Fair: "When I found out that they were born only six months apart, that was a really big breakthrough for me, they’re like twins who are not the same."

"They’re both very resilient, very committed, work incredibly hard, have an extraordinary sense of duty. They’re both really committed to the country."

"They both have a strong Christian faith. They’re both girls of the war generation who switch the lights off when they leave a room. But then they had such different ideas about running the country."

The Fall's Gillian Anderson will join the cast in season four to star as Margaret Thatcher, who served as Britain's first female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990.

Speaking about her portrayal of one of the UK’s most divisive political figures, Anderson said: “I don’t think I’ve ever taken on a role that presented so much pressure.

"There are so many very strong and conflicting opinions about her and her policies and the impact that she had, both on the UK and around the world.

"So taking on somebody who is hated as much as Thatcher is, is a whole other thing."

Gillian's co-star Helena Bonham Carter said she feels feels "overwhelmed" at having to hand over her role as Princess Margaret on Netflix's The Crown to another actress.

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She took on the role for the Princess Margaret's middle aged years in seasons three and four of the historical drama.

After playing the Royal from seasons three and four which has yet to air on the streaming platform, Bonham-Carter will have to hand over the "baton" to Lesley Manville who'll portray Margaret in The Crown's final two seasons.

"It’s like handing a baton, it’s like this race that we’re all running, I said 'Help! How do I do this?' Because you can get a bit overwhelmed by all the research."

The actress added: “And you know it’s conspicuous, you know people are going to watch it, which is a great gift."

Stream all three seasons of The Crown on Netflix. Season will be released on November 15.

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