The Cube viewers baffled as contestants tackle new challenge ‘This is too much!’

On Saturday night, the Cube returned to ITV alongside host Phillip Schofield as two new contestants took on the cube to win a quarter of a million pounds. Grandfather and granddaughter Rob and Chloe put their teamwork to the test but were soon surprised with a new twist in the game, leaving viewers cringing as they watched on.

With eight lives remaining and both lifelines, Rob and Chloe decided that they were going to take on the cube in the fourth round for £20,000.

Phillip asked what they would do with the jackpot money, with Chloe explaining she would take herself and the family to Japan.

Rob explained that he would put it towards a new motor home to go travelling around the country with.

Philip asked: “For “20,000, this is what’s inside the Cube,” as the VT rolled, the next game was called Drop.

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Chloe and Rob had to work together to manoeuvre a ball along two poles and position it perfectly over the target container.

They had to separate the poles at exactly the right moment so that the ball dropped into the container below.

Chloe was visibly in shock after finding out what the game consisted of Philip went on to explain: “This is not in the notebook because it’s brand new for this series.”

“I would’ve made that and practised it if it was, what do you think?” Rob asked as he turned to Chloe.

Without hesitation, she immediately quipped: “Obviously, we’re going in!” making her grandad laugh.

Their family and friends were also very supportive of their decision reminding them that they had eight lives still remaining.

After having a conversation about their tactics, the pair decided to give it a go and see what happened on their first try.

After their first attempt failed, the paid decided to simplify the round, which meant the container they were dropping it in was bigger.

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This seemed to do the trick as the duo were victorious in their second attempt, bagging the £20,000 and sailed into round six.

Despite their success, this didn’t leave viewers satisfied as they took to Twitter to discuss their frustration with the game.

One viewer wrote: “This game is so tense!”

With another adding: “I’m cringing, this is too much, this is so intense!”

“Yay, well done, Rob and Chloe game four completed with £20,000 secured!” a third user commented.

After managing to get through to game six, Chloe and Rob bagged themselves £100,000 and felt very pleased with their teamwork.

Feeling pleased with how far they managed to get and the amount of money they had banked, Chloe and Rob decided not to go any further, as they thought it wasn’t worth the risk.

Phillip asked whether they wanted to keep the £100,00 they had won or continue on to in the jackpot of £250,000.

Chloe told her grandad: “I am so thrilled with what we’ve done,” before the pair told Phillip, “Thank you, Phil, we will take the money.

Although they didn’t officially beat the Cube, Phil said: “You’ve just played the Cube and changed your lives!”

The Cube airs every Saturday at 7:30pm on ITV. 
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