‘The Pioneer Woman’ Ree Drummond Is ‘Slimming Down’ For Her Daughter’s Wedding

The Pioneer Woman star Ree Drummond is excited about her daughter’s upcoming wedding. All the preparations have been made and Alex is on her way to becoming a married woman. The Food Network star says she’s trying to prepare for the ceremony by getting in shape.

Alex Drummond got engaged last year

Drummond announced Alex’s engagement on Instagram. In the caption next to Alex and Mauricio’s engagement picture, she posted, “These two are going to have so much fun together! We love you Alex and Mauricio!”

Before her engagement, fans of Alex would sometimes ask when she’s getting married. She would often post Instagram pictures of herself at her friends’ weddings, so some Pioneer Woman viewers began to wonder when it would be Alex’s turn.

Ree Drummond is trying to ‘slim down’ for the wedding

Drummond says she found the perfect dress for her daughter’s wedding. However, she’s “frightened” to try on the dress because she’s not sure how she will look.

“I have my dress, but I haven’t tried it on yet,” wrote Drummond on The Pioneer Woman website. “I’m too frightened. But I will, because guess what? I have started exercising and eating less, which I’ve heard can maybe result in slimming down?”

Drummond says she is trying to increase awareness of her body and move more often. She joked that she wishes she could just wear yoga pants to her daughter’s wedding.

“All kidding aside, I’m just being a lot more mindful of moving my bod all throughout the day, and I’m also being more mindful of not eating so much cake,” said Drummond. “I’m feeling confident! I wish I could just wear yoga pants.”

Ree Drummond admits she struggled with weight in the past

Drummond isn’t shy about sharing her weight loss challenges. One thing you’ve likely noticed about The Accidental Country Girl are her colorful tops. She’s usually dressed in a flowing blouse and statement jewelry.

However, Drummond doesn’t just wear these tops because of their stylish designs. She posted on Instagram that she wears these tops because of her tummy. After having a few children, many women must dress differently since their body shape changes, and Drummond is no different.

The Pioneer Woman star admitted to her Instagram followers that she wears what she calls “blousy tops” in an effort to look her best and hide her figure. “I have been eating low carb for a couple of months, but there’s still plenty of calamity and chaos going on under my blousy top, which is why I have an undying loyalty to blousy tops,” said Drummond.

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