The Traitors winners talk spending their £100,000 prize money

The Traitors: Kieran votes for Wilfred in the final

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The Traitors has been a hit with BBC viewers for the past few weeks with contestants, now known as The Faithful, whisked away to a Scottish castle for the competition. But shortly after arriving, presenter Claudia Winkleman secretly picked a handful of them to become Traitors, whose job was to “kill” a Faithful each night without getting caught, in order to get their hands on the jackpot prize money.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Traitors.

When The Traitors reached its final episode, there were mostly Faithfuls left, bar two Traitors in the shape of Wilfred Webster and Kieran Tompsett.

Kieran had been banished but after the Traitors had turned on one another, this raised questions in the group about if they were being genuine.

Thankfully, they went with the guts and chose to banish Wilfred which meant Meryl Williams, Aaron Evans and Hannah Byczkowski were left standing as the winners.

Claudia was more than delighted to announce they would split the £101,050 prize, giving them almost £34,000 each.

How are The Traitors winners spending the £100,000 prize money?

When the good news was announced by Claudia, the winners divulged how they were thinking of spending their winnings.

From the very beginning, property agent Aaron said he wanted to get his mum a house and this remained the plan.

He confirmed: “I think I’ve said this the whole way through, but I’ll be putting down a chunk of it for a deposit on my mum’s house.”

Call centre agent Meryl was thinking she would put the money towards something for her future.

She said: “I might make a career change. I might do a little travel.

“I’d like to try doing new things. I feel like the money gives me a bit of a safety blanket to take some time out and try new things.”

What also delighted Meryl about winning the show was that she thinks she is the “first person” with dwarfism to win a reality show.

She exclaimed to Claudia: “Overall, I can’t believe it. I still genuinely can’t believe it. I feel very grateful. I feel ecstatic.”

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Whereas Aaron and Meryl had an idea of what they were going to do with their share of the money, Hannah didn’t open up about what she wanted to do.

Hannah seemed more in shock than anything that she won the BBC show, simply labelling the money as “life-changing”.

She said: “I felt like a complete and utter intruder. Like someone had got it wrong.

“Like someone was going to turn round any second and say no, sorry we messed it up.”

Following its grand finale, the BBC hasn’t officially confirmed the renewal of The Traitors.

However, the application process to be on The Traitors in 2023 is already open, so it looks like there will be plenty more to come.

But are next year’s Traitors going to be able to fool the Faithful this time around?

The Traitors is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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