This 'Euphoria' Fan Theory Predicts Nate Is in VERY Big Trouble

[This post contains spoilers for episode seven of Euphoria season one.]

I don’t know about you, but I am getting VERY tired of Nate Jacobs calling the GD cops every time he’s slightly inconvenienced. It’s stressing me out. Also, the police department of the mystery town Euphoria is set in probably has about a million more productive ways to use their resources. His most recent victim is our beloved drug dealer, Fezco, who simply verbally stood up to Nate to protect Rue and Jules. (Okay fine. He technically threatened to kill Nate if he didn’t back down. Crazy that we’re all stanning a literal drug dealer who threatens to kill people, but the heart wants what it wants.)

So far, Nate’s boy-who-cried-wolf strategy seems to be working in his favor, but fans are convinced that he’ll get smacked with the karma stick during the finale. He definitely does not fully comprehend the deep shit he’s just hopped into by inserting himself into Fez’s business. This theory predicts that the jock is about to face a terrible fate, and honestly, it sounds pretty legit.

Mouse will come after Nate.

Okay, so…Nate called the cops on Fezco, who then had to flush the massive inventory of drugs that Mouse (the dude with the face tats) forced upon him. Unless Fezco has some crazy way to come up with a bajillion dollars, Mouse is going to be furious about this…and fans think that means he’ll do something Very Bad to Nate.

I just realized that by reporting Fezco to the police Nate fucked w Mouse’s business. He’s getting shot tf up

Mouse is coming for Nate’s ass next episode #Euphoria

Fez should rat Nate out to Mouse and let him handle it. He’s the reason everything got flushed.

“I feel like at this point, Nate is playing with bigger and bigger flames and Mouse is going to lay his ass out (potentially fatally),” writes one Reddit user. “It honestly seems like no one else is capable of taking Nate down.”

Unconvinced? I mean, it does seem a little bit unlikely that Mouse would just be like, “you know what Fez? I’m going to let you off the hook for this one. I’ll destroy that Nate kid, instead.” But some fans believe that it’s not too far off.

“Fez is responsible, so Mouse comes to Fez for his money. If Fez doesn’t have it, Fez is in trouble,” writes a Reddit user. “If Fez presents his hurdle in the form of Nate snitching on him, then Mouse might forgive the debt in exchange for clipping Nate.”

Also…according to another Redditor, Fez might be able to save some time if he blames Nate for being a big ol’ tattletale. “Fezco owes mouse big time money. But in most street level operations, if you can deflect blame on a rat, you usually get a grace period for paying back the debt.”

Mouse bout to tell Fez he got a week to get his money back… guess who the only person who can afford it… NATE

It’s difficult to imagine Euphoria without Nate Jacobs, so who knows if he will actually be killed off. (Jacob Elordi is literally too hot to get rid of, even if his character is out here ruining everyone’s lives. Don’t @ me.) But, it’s probably safe to assume that Mouse is about to give him a taste of his own terrifying, evil medicine. Maybe, like…a curb stomp, or something.

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