Tipping Point viewers fume over repeat ITV episode as player goes on to win £10k

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ITV's Tipping Point left certain viewers rather annoyed on Monday afternoon, after they quickly realised it was a repeat episode.

Ben Shephard stepped up to the podium to host the programme once more as four new – or rather, not so new – contestants attempted to win the jackpot counter.

But the popular quizzing show had some fans threatening to switch off as they already knew who would win the £10,000 jackpot prize – and fans were underwhelmed when the conclusion finally did air.

Taking to social media platform Twitter, some fans aired their frustrations.

One person tweeted: "When it's a repeat they have to give them another 10k."

Another joked: "'I’m only here once', no Di it’s a bloody repeat."

A third said: "This is a repeat she will win on next one."

While another couldn't help but air their annoyance overall with the repetitive scenes and added: "Well, I'd love to join in, but it's a repeat, and making those same jokes twice can get pretty stale. So, good luck to ya."

But despite the fact that it was an episode that many had already seen, it still delivered a nail-biting watch.

Heading straight into the final round, contestant Di certainly delivered a dazzling performance.

But once she realised that the jackpoint counter wasn't budging from the machine, the player decided to take matters into her own hands.

After winning £3,000 from the machine on her own merit, Di knew she would be lucky if she took the trade as the jackpot counter was clearly dangling and ready to be shoved.

Leaving viewers at home on the edges of their seats, Di did manage to finally get the jackpot counter to drop, leaving some fans at home rather stunned when she won £10,000.

Rushing to Twitter once again, viewers aired their thoughts on her win.

One fan penned: "Get in there Di you sexy woman."

Another chimed: "Way too much stress for 4pm TV. Well done Di."

While a third said: "Well done Di, that was tense."

When asked by Ben what she would do with her winnings, Di said she wanted to take a trip to New Zealand.

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