Trevor Noah And The Daily Social Distancing Show Talk To A Familiar Fraud On Voter Fraud

It looked like Trevor Noah and the Daily Social Distancing Show had an exclusive. An anonymous poll worker had come forward to talk about what they saw while processing ballots.

The worker, shown in silhouette, told Noah that “We have never met,” although strangely greeted him with the too-familiar, “Hey, African.”

The anonymous worker quickly launched into a litany of malfeasance in the vote count. The witness claimed he saw a poll worker in a Joe Biden t-shirt who openly admitted to voter fraud, tearing up ballots that were marked for the President.

Then, more amazing, Joe Biden himself was seen at the polling place in the company of some Black Panthers, and not the Wakanda kind.

Shaken, the anonymous tipster said he retreated to the parking lot for a smoke. There, he saw a karate sensei and his charges karate-chopping Trump ballots.

Eventually, Noah called for the lights to be turned on to view the anonymous worker. Watch the video for the big reveal.

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