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WATCHMAN’s third episode left fans thrilled as the identity of Jeremy Irons’ character was finally revealed.

Amid mounting anticipation it was confirmed that Jeremy Irons’ character is indeed the infamous Ozymandias, real name Adrian Veidt.

The eccentric character raised eyebrows last week as he forced his staff to strip naked to recreate the creation of Dr Manhattan.

Now he’s got tongues wagging all over again after slipping into his iconic purple and gold superhero suit.

It comes after he was served a purple and yellow cake, which was hardly a subtle nod to his famous colour scheme.

Unsurprisingly Twitter was awash with fans gushing over the revelation.

One wrote: “Jeremy Irons going full Ozymandias was the best moment of this third episode.”

While another gushed: “Jeremy Irons is a gift as Ozymandias!”

Speaking of his first appearance as Ozymandias and suiting up in the epic costume, Jeremy Irons said: “Uniforms give you power – I think that’s why people put them on.

“Masks give you even more power. It’s interesting that these superheroes always wear masks and costumes; it gives them a feeling of strength and allows them to do more than if they weren’t wearing them.”

“I think it’s the same with the military, a marine, or a police officer. I think that’s part of what Damon [Lindelof , creator] is exploring,” he continued to The Hollywood Reporter.

The episode, titled She Was Killed By Space Junk, saw Adrian continue his experiments at his grand estate, accidentally killing a number of his clones in the process.

He also ignited a feud with mysterious new character the Game Warden, who shot one of his ox.

Despite a stern word of warning he donned his Ozymandias suit and stalked through the night after his foe.

Elsewhere in the episode, Laurie Juspeczyk, aka Silk Spectre (Jean Smart) made her debut.

However, her entrance was less than heroic, as she was seen robbing a bank at gunpoint.

She soon ended up face to face with Mr Shadow, who she promptly arrested for breaking America’s anti-vigilante laws.

It transpired that Laurie was working with the FBI to take down vigilantes with all manner of set-ups.

She was later informed by Senator Joe Keene Jr that she was needed in Tulsa to investigate the murder of Judd Crawford (Don Johnson), so something tells us this is just the start of her double-crossing.

Watchmen airs Mondays on Sky Atlantic and is available to stream on NOW TV.

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