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FAMED actor Matthew Modine earned headlines for his appearances in several movies and TV shows.

While audiences know Matthew for Stranger Things and Sicario: Day of the Soldado, fans are curious to know more about his marriage away from the spotlight.

Who is Matthew Modine's wife Caridad Rivera?

On October 31, 1980, Matthew Modine and makeup artist Caridad Rivera tied the knot after dating for some time.

Matthew and Caridad met in New York City through an encounter at a restaurant where the former worked as a chef.

While recalling how he met his wife, the actor told Closer: "I worked as a chef at a wonderful health food restaurant, Au Natural. She ordered a dish to go.

"I told the waiter it wouldn’t travel well and said I’d tell her so — I was a very cocky young chef.

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A closer look at the actor Matthew Modine

When the chef-turned-star approached the customer who would become his wife, he remembered: "There was this beautiful creature. I said, 'How many do you want?'

"I’d been in a few relationships and wanted someone to be friends with.

"What’s most important is to have a partner you share interests with, who challenges you, who is smarter than you.

Matthew added: "Then the physical side is a bonus. I hit the jackpot and got both!

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"With the stability and strength Cari’s given me, sometimes I don’t even think I’d be alive if I hadn’t met her."

Since striking up a romance and entering a marriage, the two have been seen together numerous instances at a variety of red carpet premieres and events.

Do Matthew and Caridad have children?

On November 8, 1985, Matthew and Caridad welcomed their first child – a son named Boman.

Similar to his star father, Boman took up a career in Hollywood as well – although, the latter's credits are for his work behind the scenes in projects such as The Dark Knight Rises and Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain

On July 31, 1990, the pair gave birth to their second child, a daughter named Ruby.

Ruby Modine followed in her famous father's footsteps and entered the world of acting.

Ruby has taken on roles in Happy Death Day, Shameless, and The Survivalist.

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