Brody Jenner Puts Foot Down, 'The Hills' to Resume Production in L.A.

Brody Jenner gave MTV his filming preference — he’d only resume filming “The Hills: New Beginnings” if it’s shot in L.A. and nowhere else, and guess what? The network said, OK.

Production sources tell TMZ … other cast members were willing to leave LaLa land and film in a bubble at a house that would house the full cast, similar to what they do in “Big Brother” and “Jersey Shore: Family Vacation.” Some of the locations being considered … Colorado and Montana. But, Brody was NOT having it.

We’re told in early August, Brody’s team started conversations with the network and insisted he’d only film the show in L.A. We’re told he explained the show’s supposed to be about cast members and their lives revolving around the things they do in L.A., not some random location outside of SoCal.

Brody also told the network he’d be willing to wait and resume production of season 2 until there was a vaccine for COVID-19. The pandemic shut down the season 3 episodes in.

We’re told MTV continued pressuring Brody into relenting … but Brody put his foot down.

Finally, MTV came back to him one last time and when Brody AGAIN said no to filming outside of L.A., MTV gave in, realizing it couldn’t do the show without him. We’re told season 2 will resume production in L.A. in the next 2 to 4 weeks.

It’s clear Brody had leverage and came out on top. It should be noted … Brody and the network are in deep conversations to have him back on the network because he’s now happy the show is taking on its original form. That being said, Brody has yet to sign on as of Monday afternoon … but all signs point to it’s only a matter of time.

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