Curtis Pritchard’s own family hint he’s got a game plan to win Love Island

Curtis Pritchard's own family have no idea whether he's playing a game in the Love Island villa by breaking Amy Hart's heart, his aunt has claimed.

The reality star's aunt Sandra – sister of his mum Debi Pritchard – claims "kind-hearted" Curtis would have felt "mortified" by hurting Amy's feelings, as he did in last night's show by brutally confessing he sees her as his back-up option after new girl Jourdan turned him down.

But as for fan theories that Curtis is only pretending to hurt Amy as part of a game plan to win her back and therefore secure their chance of making the final, Sandra laughs.

"Who knows? I mean, there's a lot happens in there that we don't actually see, we see a snapshot of such long days together – even when you see the Unseen Bits you don't see much of exactly what does on," she points out.

"Who knows that they're actually told to do or what not to do? I could not actually say to be honest."

Sandra believes her nephew does have feelings for Amy, but wouldn't necessarily walk out of the villa if she either quit or got voted out by the other Islanders.

"I would like to think he would actually decide to stay in and whatever happens happens, as to if he found somebody else. I can't actually say, but I would like to see him stay in rather than come out because of that situation," she says.

On the prospect that Curtis will get voted out for having a wandering eye, Sandra says: "I hope it doesn't happen and I hope there's enough love there from the public to see he is a good person and he's just had a silly blip, because that's all it was.

"He has not approached this girl [Jourdan] to do anything, it all happened very quickly and I just hope they find it in their hearts to think he is a good person."

Could the public turn against Curtis now he's confessed to having doubts about Amy? His aunt thinks there's a chance he could have scuppered his future in the villa thanks to his bombshell.

"I think that could happen definitely, and I think the public are going to feel very, very sorry for Amy – I would be lying if I said I didn't too, because she's a lovely girl and no-one would want to see her hurt, she doesn't deserve it.

"At the end of the day it's Love Island; people go in there knowing they're probably going to get hurt somewhere along the way and they're lucky if they don't."

Sandra, who admits she's never watched the ITV series before but is now "addicted", wants viewers to know that Curtis is a good person who has been swept up in the drama.

"I know he's tormented by this because he's a good, true person and he would be mortified by the fact he would be hurting Amy," she went on.

"That would not come easy to him, he doesn't have that in him. He's a person who's got a very kind heart and wants to help people more than anything, not hurt people. He's very family-orientated, he wold just be mortified by the whole situation that he's put Amy in. I know he'd want to put it right.

"The good thing is he hasn't hidden his feelings and he has actually told Amy everything. He could have thought these things to himself or told one of his friends and try to hide it all, but he hasn't, he's been completely 100% honest about the situation."

Amy, she adds, was her favourite girl from the very beginning – even before she was coupled up with Sandra's nephew.

"She seems like a genuinely lovely girl, very lovely and respectful, intelligent, she's got a lot going for her. She seems very level-headed – I have to say she seems very different from the other girls and I've liked her from the beginning, she was the one girl I really liked. Even before Curtis picked her I just thought she was so sensible and a bit more vulnerable in a way.

"They have got along really well in an adult and sensible way without any childish things along the way, which has been really refreshing to see," she continues.

"At the end of the day, Curtis is only 23 but he's extremely grown up for his age. He's very philosophical, he's an old soul – he does like to please people and he wold want to make everybody happy around him, he wouldn't want anyone around him to be upset.

"He's amazing at being the negotiator, he has the ability to go in and is very supportive to every other person in there."

Sandre echoes the comments her sister and Curtis' brother AJ Pritchard made about the Islander's growing bromance with Tommy Fury, which some viewers claim could blossom into something more than friends thanks to their bond.

"It's amazing to see the bromance flourishing, it's very entertaining and people are loving it. I've loved it and I think it's a case of they're really really good friends, they've hit it off, they've got this connection as friends which is absolutely great and you can see that connection with him and Tommy more than any of he other guys in there," she says.

"That does happen with a lot of people anyway wherever you go in life, you have that connection with somebody and it's not always with the person you think it's going to be.

"Hopefully he'll be bringing Tommy round for dinner! That'd be great, it would be quite nice to meet Tommy. Again, he seems to be another lovely person and you can't help but like him."

Asked what she would tell her nephew if she could see him in the villa, Sandra pauses.

"I'd tell him he needs to know his own true feelings, to follow his heart and to do what he feels is right for him. And not to please everybody else," she says.

"That is what I would say to my own children or to any of my nieces or nephews, he's got to go with what he feels in his heart that's true to him."

*Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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