Patti LuPone cursed out a Maskless Karen during a Broadway talk back session

Patti LuPone is one of those legendary divas of stage and screen. I mean, her main thing is Broadway and more specifically, musical theater. Her voice is divine and she IS my Eva Peron. Patti is still on stage right now, doing a Tony-nominated revival of Company. The current Broadway rule is “Broadway is back, but wear a mask.” That’s it. I’m not even sure if theaters are doing temperature checks for theater-goers. But apparently “wear a mask” was too f–king difficult for one Karen. As part of Company’s talkback session, Patti noticed that Karen seemingly had her mask on, but her nose was sticking out. So Patti called out to her from the stage and, well…

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Somewhere, a drag queen is wearing his bob-haircut wig and practicing this speech in the mirror:

“Put the mask on; we worked so hard to get back…. Oh, do you want me to put a mask on, because I will. Your mask protects me so that I can perform. Put your mask over your nose! That’s why you’re in the theater. That is the rule. If you don’t want to follow the rule, get the f*ck out!… I’m serious. Who do you think you are that you do not respect the people that are sitting around you?” When the defiant woman responds, “I pay your salary,” LuPone scoffs, “You pay my salary! Bullsh-t. Chris Harper pays my salary. Who do you think you are? Just put you mask over your nose. Oh my f*cking god.”

[From Deadline]

“Get the f–k out” was definitely a highlight, but the way she spits out “You pay my salary, Bullsh-t!” is Tony-worthy. Chris Harper is the lead producer of Company, by the way. And he’s sticking up for his diva (because she’ll have his head if he doesn’t). Seriously, what kind of dumbass Maskless Karen do you have to be to TALK BACK to Patti LuPone?? “I pay your salary” is basically Maskless Karen’s version of “you work for me.” No, honey, Patti LuPone does not work for your dumb ass.

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