Rachel Riley thrilled Europe doesnt hate us as Sam Ryder triumphs at Eurovision

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Rachel Riley, 36, took to social media last night to share her excitement over Sam Ryder’s success at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. The Space Man singer found himself at the top of the leaderboard after receiving 12 points from a number of countries.

The Countdown star reacted to Sam’s raging success in a series of tweets shared with her 696,700 Twitter followers.

She tweeted: “Smashed it!” alongside a string of emojis including clapping hands and the UK flag.

In a follow up tweet and signalling her surprise with a shocked emoji, Rachel wrote: “EUROPE DOESN’T HATE US.”

And while other online users shared a similar emotion, some viewers remained sceptical.

KeeleyComms penned: “No…Europe doesn’t hate Sam and rightly so.”

Johnny_JI81 said: “Fingers crossed the public vote comes in.”

Alanztweets added: “Need to see how the public votes before saying that Rachel!”

Br1anSee chimed in: “Best song you’ve sent in a long time, deserved jury winner.”

Viewers were also left stunned after the UK received 12 points from France’s jury.

Eurovision host Graham Norton appeared equally delighted and surprised as he thanked the representative for France.

He exclaimed: “Oh come on everybody. Merci beaucoup!”

Fans of the musical contest flocked to Twitter to express their disbelief.

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MargotGrmnd wrote: “I cannot get over France giving 12 points to the UK. What is going on. #Eurovision.”

VulCaro added: “France jury giving their 12pts to the UK for #Eurovision proves we’re truly in the darkest timeline.”

mnicholascomic chimed in: “12 points from France and Germany to UK?!  I’m scared……..This is not normal…… I repeat this is so bloody surreal.

“I’m binge drinking the most British beer to cope with this #EUROVISION.”

ClemChose questioned: “France, my love, my patrie… Why give 12pts to the UK??

“Did you already forget about BREXIT?!? #Eurovision.”

OrlaDoherty said: France giving UK douze points. The maddest timeline #Eurovision.”

“What the f**k I thought France & the UK hated each other #Eurovision,” _buzzkilled typed. (sic)

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