Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Arrested & Tased After ‘Altercation’ With Jen Harley

Just hours after Ronnie Ortiz-Magro confirmed he and Jen Harley were back together, the ‘Jersey Shore’ star was arrested for allegedly getting physical with his on/off love.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley made no secret of the fact that they were back together at the launch of Verge CBD on Oct. 3, but just hours later, a wild fight broke out between them at their Airbnb in Los Angeles. “I can confirm that officers responded to the 7200 block of Woodrow Wilson Drive around 2:40 a.m. this morning [Oct. 4] for a battery call,” the LAPD confirmed to HollywoodLife. “Suspect and victim were involved in some type of altercation. Officers had to use a taser to take the suspect into custody. There was no further incident. The suspect was arrested and is currently in the process of being booked. There was a child at the scene, unharmed.” HollywoodLife has reached out to Ronnie and Jen’s reps for comment.

In a video, obtained by Fox 11 LA, Ronnie can be seen shirtless and handcuffed to a chair, while being wheeled away by police. TMZ reports that the on/off couple got into an argument, which eventually turned physical. Ronnie allegedly “punched and slapped” Jen, then chased her out of the house with a knife, when she ran away and scream for help, the site claims. He was allegedly carrying the pair’s one-year-old daughter, Ariana, amidst the chase. After multiple calls to 911, the police eventually arrived, at which point Ronnie had locked himself in the house with Ariana, according to TMZ’s report. Police were reportedly forced to break down the door because Ronnie would not let them inside, and after he continued to act difficult, they had to taser him in order to complete the arrest. Jen and the baby are reportedly okay, and Ron was checked out in the hospital for any injuries.

This shocking incident comes just hours after Ronnie and Jen were spotted holding hands while out and about in Los Angeles. We also spoke to Ronnie EXCLUSIVELY at the Verge launch, and he confirmed that the two were back together.

Of course, the back and forth between Ronnie and Jen is nothing new, and this is not the first time that things have reportedly gotten physical. Ronnie was left with bruises on his face and arms after Jen allegedly dragged him down the street with a car in June 2018. Jen was also arrested in May 2019 for a fight that occurred five months earlier, on New Year’s Eve, after which Ronnie was left with a black eye and bloody nose.

Ronnie and Jen have broken up and gotten back together countless times, despite how often he’s insisted that he’s done with her “for good.” Before their very public reunion on Oct. 3, the pair had broken up at the beginning of September.

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