Scarlett Moffatt argues people who skip Queens speech shouldnt have a British passport

Scarlett Moffatt hurtles down zipline on a sofa

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Gogglebox’s Scarlett Moffatt seemed ready to tune into the Queen’s speech this Christmas, as she spoke about festive traditions on her BBC podcast Scarlett Moffatt Wants to Believe. The I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! winner had been discussing Christmas TV programming with her boyfriend Scott Dobinson when she laid bare her love for the Monarch.

She said: “Obviously you have to watch the Queen’s speech.”

Scott interrupted: “Long live the Queen.”

Scarlett then quipped: “I personally think if you don’t watch the Queen’s speech you shouldn’t have a British passport.”

Scott added: “Go and take the citizenship lesson that you said was a waste of time.”

Scarlett explained that whenever she watches the Monarch’s Christmas address she feels like she’s “watching a piece of history”.

Scott agreed, adding: “Very captivating and moving, isn’t it?”

The couple had previously discussed the Royal Family as part of the podcast’s mission to “uncover the truth” about conspiracy theories.

One bizarre theory claimed that the Queen “eats flies”.

Other claims included that the Queen and the Royal Family descend from an alien lizard species.

During the episode, Scarlett and Scott concluded that they did not believe that the Queen was a lizard.

However, they pondered what she might eat if she were a reptile.

As part of their conversation, the pair shared a Public Policy Polling survey released in 2016 that found that around 12 million people in the US believe that alien lizards in people suits reign over the UK.

Scarlett wondered: “If that makes the Queen a lizard, what does she eat?”

Scott replied: “Well, what do lizards eat?

“Flies and grubs and stuff like that?”

Scarlett joked: “So do you think that’s what’s in her handbag?

“A little tiny bag of grubs?”

Scott added: “No, we’re only joking. I love the Queen; if she’s listening, I don’t believe this, Queen!”

Scarlett added: “We both love her, and even if she was a lizard, I’d still love her.”

Concluding on a sarcastic note, she said: “Well obviously we’ve come to the conclusion that the Queen eats flies.”

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