Who Is Kevin On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Season 6? The Fitness Buff Goes To Mexico

It’s officially Bachelor in Paradise season, that special time of year when all of Bachelor Nation enjoys the sun, surf, and summertime party vibes. Twenty-four Bachelor Nation alums will be partying it up and looking for love at a Mexican beach. No one knows for sure what’s in store this season, but one thing is very likely: The contestants will be spending plenty of time in their bathing suits. That means everyone had to get swimsuit-ready for Bachelor in Paradise. At least one contestant will definitely be ready to show off his beach bod thanks to all his time working out. Kevin is a real fitness buff who is ready to make a splash on this season of Bachelor in Paradise. But, there’s a lot more to him than just his aspirational workout routine. Who is Kevin on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6? The small-town guy is trying to find big love.

Kevin hasn’t taken too much of a break from appearing on TV screens everywhere. Fans will remember him from Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette, which just ended last week. Kevin made it to about the middle of the season; he was eliminated during the trip to Scotland in Week 6. But, fans might remember him better from the infamous rugby game of Week 5. While the two Lukes were fighting, Kevin was seriously injured and needed to be taken from the field in an ambulance. That time away from Hannah might have hurt his chances of winning her heart. But, now he’s back in Paradise to try for love all over again.

According to his ABC bio, the 27-year-old is from a small town in Illinois and works as a behavioral specialist for the U.S. Army. In that same bio, he says that "when he’s not working, he’s pumping iron at the gym" and that he "wants to travel more, but he won’t go anywhere that doesn’t have an available gym." Kevin is super-serious about his gym routine, and the many workout selfies on his Instagram can prove it.

Kevin has a soft side, too. He says his previous relationships haven’t worked out because he "loves too hard." That could be a good thing for any Bachelor in Paradise contestants who are looking for a really serious relationship. He also has a soft spot for Disney. In one Instagram post, Kevin sings along to "Friend Like Me" from Aladdin, and he honestly has some real comedic chops.

It isn’t all fun and games for Kevin, though. He also has a criminal record thanks to a DUI in 2017, as In Touch reports. He was pulled over for driving above the speed limit and was intoxicated. But he pleaded guilty, is in the middle of finishing his probation sentence, and seems to have moved on from it. Now, he’s ready to find love in paradise.

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise starts with a two-night premiere on Monday, August 5 and Tuesday, August 6 at 8 PM E.T. on ABC.

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