17 Husbands Who Managed To Screw Up Their One Job

1.This husband who bought memory foam only for his side of the bed:

2.This husband who apparently never heard of peanut butter:

3.This husband who took one mediocre picture of his big day:

4.This husband who got crafty:

5.This husband who was told to bring home some tampons from the store:

6.This husband who couldn’t manage to get the cat litter INTO the trash can:

7.This husband who thinks he’s real funny:

8.This husband who thought he revolutionzed baking:

9.This husband who thought this was an acceptable way to make dinner:

10.This husband who was obviously trying to piss his partner off:

11.This husband who, in fairness, didn’t feel like dealing with this:

12.This husband who didn’t even try:

13.This husband who was so close, but yet so far:

14.This husband who should be fined for this:

15.This 6′ 2″ husband who hung up a mirror at the request of his 5′ 1″ wife:

16.This husband who got five and a half potatoes and just rounded up:

17.And finally, this husband who created the dinner from hell:

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