24 Lush Products That 100% Do What They Say

We asked skincare lovers of the BuzzFeed Community what Lush product they absolutely swear by. Here are the ones that are life-changing.

1.Scrubee Body Butter

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The cutest body scrub I've ever seen 😍

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“Scrubee! The smell is amazing, but after I wash off in the shower I use the creamy side of the bar, and then the scrubby side on top of that. It leaves me feeling perfectly smooth and hydrated. Plus it gets rid of all my dry skin.”


“It smells so good and makes my skin feel so soft. If you shave your legs, then use it after you shave and you will feel as smooth as a baby!”


Get it from Lush for $7.95.

2.Dream Cream Lotion

“I have tried everything for my eczema! From prescription to OTC products, nothing has worked. I was skeptical to give Dream Cream a shot. I didn’t think a simple lotion do anything when specialized products had no effect, so my expectations were low. Within two weeks of using Dream Cream twice a day, my eczema was completely gone. And it didn’t cause an allergic reaction on my extremely sensitive skin.”


“The most life-changing product I think I have ever used is Dream Cream. Ever since I was young, I would always have to deal with dry skin in the winter. No amount of lotion or product could prevent my knuckles from becoming cracked and bloody. Dream Cream is magic. My hands instantly are silky soft when I use it.”


“DREAM CREAM. I first got a sample of it about a year and a half ago and I’ve used it on my tattoos. I’ve found they have healed a lot better when I use this lotion, and it’s so nice on your skin.”


Get it from Lush for $29.95.

3.Fresh Farmacy Solid Face Wash

“For those of you who are like me and have bad acne, you’ll want use this soap. I use it at night. In the morning, I’ll put some light moisturizing lotion on my face and my skin will feel soft, clean, and acne-free.” —miarar

Get it from Lush for $12.95.

4.Sandstone Soap Bar

“My skin tans very unevenly due to my eczema, but with this bar it exfoliates and removes the dead skin. The color evens out within a few weeks!”


Get it from Lush for $7.95.

5.Big Shampoo

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LISSSIO COME UN BISSSIO! 🐍 Per capelli voluminosi e dalla lucentezza folgorante, lasciatevi conquistare dal potere dei cristalli di sale marino grezzo e degli agrumi del nostro shampoo #Big! ✨ I cristalli di sale oltre a donare volume e leggerezza al capello lo arricchiscono di minerali, esfoliando in modo delicatamente incantevole la cute. Il succo di lime e l’infuso di limone, invece, aiutano a chiudere le cuticole del capello, facendogli così riflettere molta più luce! 🍋 A completare l’opera, infuso di alga bruna e olio extravergine di cocco per una morbidezza senza paragone! #lushbergamo #lushcommunity #lushhaircare #lushshampoo #bigshampoo #lushitalia #lushcosmetics #oriocenter #seasalt #bihshampoo #bigshampoolush #lushshampoo #seasaltshampoo #oriocentermyway

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“Both my husband and I have oily hair. We live in a town with soft water that just made things worse, so we tried Big. It has been a game changer! Our hair is less oily, and we have more volume!


Get it from Lush for $29.95.

6.Cup O’Coffee Face and Body Mask

“I’ve been using it as a weekly face scrub for a few years now and convinced my boyfriend (who had pretty bad back acne) to try it. His back GLOWS now. He has gone from having weekly volcano-esque zits and spatterings of white heads to having maybe one or two tiny zits and no white heads. He was hesitant to try it, but now it’s our weekly ritual. It smells great, and a little goes a long way.” —tempelvl

Get it from Lush for $11.95.

7.Veganese Conditioner

“I have super oily hair. As in, it’s noticeably oily within eight hours. So I switched from my old conditioner to Veganese and now I can go a couple days between washes. My hair still looks clean and light without being dried out! A life saver.”


Get it from Lush for $9.95.

8.Soak and Float Shampoo Bar

“This is an anti-dandruff shampoo bar that I was so skeptical about before. Holy shit did it blow my mind. I would get terrible dandruff around my crown and used Head and Shoulders for years, but it didn’t always stop it. This worked like a miracle. It’s the only shampoo I use now. Plus it’s zero waste!”


Get it from Lush for $14.95.

9.New Shampoo Bar

“In reality, all of Lush’s shampoo bars are incredible, but New shampoo bar has completely brought new life to my hair! This shampoo is designed to promote hair growth and it made my hair feel so soft and so much thicker than usual. I also feel like I had less hair falling out in the shower as well. If you want more volume in your hair or want to promote your hair to grow, I highly recommend it. It’s also packaging-free, so you don’t need to feel guilty about using so much single-use plastic! On top of that, these cost less than $10 and I only go through about two a year! They last so long!” —sydneyh1

Get it from Lush for $11.95.

10.Rouge Henna Hair Dye

“No one ever talks about the hair henna they have at Lush. It’s $30 for a bar, and I get three uses out of one bar on my medium-length, straight hair. It provides the most beautiful, subtle color but in the sunlight, it lights up. You just chop some up, add boiling water, rub the muddy substance in your hair, and then wrap it up for a few hours. It also deep conditions your hair and leaves it smelling amazing for a few weeks. The color is permanent, but grow out isn’t noticeable at all on my hair. Below you can see my hair in the sunlight on the bottom, but in the shade at the top where you can see my natural color (that isn’t blue). I will recommend this product until the day I die.” —gabbymcg12

Get it from Lush for $10.95.

11.Honey I Washed My Hair Shampoo Bar

“I’ve used this while working in humid Malaysia and dry AF Antarctica, and it’s always done the trick. It’s become a travel staple.


Get it from Lush for $10.95.

12.Floating Island Bath Oil

“I love the idea of baths, but I typically get bored and uncomfortable after only a few minutes in hot water. However, this product saved my bath dreams! It’s cheaper than a bath bomb, and although it doesn’t color the water very much, it smells AMAZING and leaves your skin and bathwater feeling like silk! I try to grab one or two when I go to the mall to treat myself.”


Get it from Lush for $5.95.

13.Vanillary and Sun Perfume Sprays

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smells spicy and sweet #RUSH#vanillary#perfume

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So hard to find non-floral smelling natural perfumes that don’t irritate my skin. I love Lush’s perfume spray in Vanillary and Sun. Vanillary smells like sweet, musky vanilla, and Sun smells like fresh oranges. Their other scents are either floral or too earthy — not my jam. It would be nice if they made some new ones, but honestly these two are so great so I’m okay if they don’t!”


Get it from Lush for $39.95 (Vanillary) and $36.95 (Sun).

14.Mint Julips Lip Scrub

“I am a advocate for their sugar lip scrubs, especially the flavor Mint Julips. It leaves my lips feeling silky smooth. Once you scrub with your lips with your finger, you can just lick off the minty excess. It will still leave you with protective coating of organic jojoba oil!”


Get it from Lush for $10.95.

15.Sleepy Lotion

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Sleepy Lotion Thành phần chính gồm bột yến mạch, kem dưỡng da này hoàn hảo cho da nhạy cảm. Thành phần này chứa các hoạt chất chống viêm, làm dịu và làm mềm cơ thể. Lush cũng đã kết hợp cả hai nước hoa oải hương với tonka, để tạo nên một hương thơm tuyệt vời, ngọt ngào và gợi cảm. Việc thêm vào các loại bơ khác nhau và các loại tinh dầu: hạnh nhân, jojoba, illipe, ca cao, ngọc lan tây và dầu hoa oải hương, cũng có nghĩa là Sleepy chứa rất nhiều các thành phần nuôi dưỡng và làm mềm làn da khô. Sleepy thấm rất nhanh nên các nàng không sợ bết trên da đâu nha. Vì đây là sản phẩm giới hạn cho mùa Giáng Sinh nên Neon còn ít lắm. Các nàng thích làn da mềm mượt và phảng phất hương thơm thì inbox Neon . #sleepylotion #lush #lushhcm #lushvn #Lushsaigon #neonbeauty #skincare 📦Shopee : http://shopee.vn/myphamanh 🧢Instagram : @neonsparkbeauty 📞Mua hàng liên hệ : 0978.780.907/ 0906.992.570 Viber . Zalo . SMS ♥️Free Ship Khi đặt hàng Qua Shopee Bill Trị Giá 250k trở lên

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“I love so many things from Lush, but one product that I really can’t live without (during the summer especially) is Sleepy body wash and Sleepy lotion. Mosquitos hate lavender, and whenever I wear it I get ZERO bites. The mosquitoes don’t even come near me! Not to mention it smells amazing.”


Get it from Lush for $9.95.

16.Coalface Charcoal Facial Soap

“Honestly, the exfoliating charcoal facial soap that they have is incredible. Using it just about every other day in the shower has lessened the amount of acne I get. It has also lasted an amazingly long time and doesn’t leave my skin extremely dry after my shower.”


I’ve used Coalface every day for the past four years and can count on one hand how many zits/breakouts I’ve gotten since I started. I’ll get a lather going in my hands first if I need a gentle wash, or I’ll apply it directly to my face if I want to exfoliate.”


Get it from Lush for $14.95.

17.Silky Underwear Dusting Powder

“Silky underwear changed my life! Both my girlfriend and I swear by it for underboob sweat. It’s literally the only thing that has stopped hers in a heatwave, wearing all-black under her police gun vest. Plus, I can tolerate it with my sensitive skin! Smells amazing, too.”


Get it from Lush for $10.95.

18.No Drought Dry Shampoo

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Since I started lightening my hair, I’ve been trying to avoid washing it as often as I do and stretching out wash days by one more day. Here comes No Drought dry shampoo to save the day. I’ve got naturally straight hair that gets oily very easily no matter what I do to it. A little No Drought goes a long way when you need to chuck your hair up in a pony tail and get on with your day. Have to love that Mum life where having time to wash your hair doesn’t always happen. I’ve used No Drought since Lush first brought it out all those years ago, there’s always a bottle stashed away. A bottle this size lasts me a year or two. I just part my hair sprinkle a little on in all the places that need it. Let it sit for a few minutes while I brush my teeth, then brush it through with my hair brush. It’s so easy and simple to use. If any gets on clothes a damp wash cloth will do the trick at removing it, I should know since I mainly wear the colour black 😂 #lush #lushcosmetics #lushnz #lushnewzealand #lushdryshampoo #lushhaircare #nodrought #nodroughtdryshampoo #lushnodrought #lushnodroughtdryshampoo #nzlushie #nzlush #lushausnz #thenzlushie

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“This doesn’t come out like a spray, so you more manageably dose it, and it has a light, citrusy smell. I’ve been using it for 10 months and I still have a fourth of the small one left — and I have a fringe, so I use it most days.”


Get it from Lush for $8.95.

19.Aqua Marina Facial Cleanser

“I have weird combination skin and this refreshes my skin, prevents oil without drying it out, and gets rid of zits pretty much overnight.”


Get it from Lush for $12.95.

20.Tea Tree Water Toner

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𝐓𝐄𝐀 𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐄𝐑 Toner rất thích hợp với những bạn da dầu nhờn, da hỗn hợp và đặc biệt là da mụn. ———————————— 🌿Thành phần: Tea tree, Grapefruit Water (chiết xuất từ bưởi), Juniperberry ———————————— 🌿Công dụng: • Kháng khuẩn, làm dịu da và các vết tấy đỏ, giảm dầu thưa trên da • Giàu Vitamin, cung cấp dưỡng chất, làm se nhẹ bề mặt da, giúp cải thiện độ sáng của làn da. Giúp giảm thâm cho da mụn • Giúp da sạch, lỗ chân lông được thông thoáng • Toner của Lush không chứa cồn, được làm 100% nguyên liệu từ thiên nhiên, không gây kích ứng ———————————— 🌹 290.000 vnd #lush #beauty #hochiminh #orderuk #toner #lushtoner #teatreewater #teatreewatertoner #teatreewaterlush

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“I hardly breakout now that I use this, and my blackheads aren’t anywhere near as noticeable. It’s not all I use, but since I’ve started using it, it has helped me so much! I use just a couple of sprays on a cotton pad twice a day. It seems to takes off even more dirt after I’ve washed!”


Get it from Lush for $10.95.

21.Sunny Side Bubble Bar

“It looks like liquid gold in the bath, leaves your skin feeling like silk. AND it leaves you with a faint shimmer. Plus, the scent is incredible.”


Get it from Lush for $11.95.

22.Angels on Bare Skin Facial Scrub

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Angels On Bare Skin Fresh Face Cleanser is many a Lushie's ride-or-die product. This review says it all! "This product is incredible. Hands down one of the best cleansers i have ever come across. As someone with rosacea and very VERY sensitive skin I am usually really careful about what goes near my skin… however this cleanser has been an absolute god send – it's soothing and calming, and my skin feels so smooth and clean after the wash. It doesn't irritate me, and my skin doesnt feel tight afterward. A-freakin'-mazing." – Tmichelmor 🌿😌 • • • • • #fresh #skincare #lush #seaweed #facemask #bathroom #skin #lushcosmetics #lushie #lushaddict #lushlife #lushlove #skincare #lushtime #lushexclusive #glowyskin #hydration #lavender #dewyskin #instabeauty #angelsonbareskin

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“Angels on Bare Skin helped me with cystic acne breakouts for years and even did a great job of battling my pregnancy hormonal outbreaks. It smells great and is easy to use.”


Get it from Lush for $16.95.

23.Catastrophe Cosmetic Mask

“I have dry-combination skin. This mask is fantastic for when I have a dry spell without overdoing it on the hydration, which could easily knock my skin into oiliness.”


I was going to put that! Seriously the best mask I’ve ever used!


Get it from Lush for $9.95.

24.Grease Lightning Tea Tree and Aloe Gel

“I always try to apply some of this after washing my face. Any acne that I have tends to be gone the next day. I strongly recommend!”


“Grease Lightning is amazing. My pimples will literally disappear overnight!” —jordis2

Get it from Lush for $15.95.

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