These Tweets About Derek & John Paul Jones’ Fight On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Are A Lot

It was the fight heard ’round the world when John Paul Jones interrupted Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson’s wedding to give Derek Peth a piece of his mind. Both men have been pursing Tayshia Adams during Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, and JPJ got super competitive with Derek. In fact, he got so competitive and angry with him that their fight carried over from the wedding all the way back to the resort. Their fight in the Sept. 2 episode got even more explosive, and these tweets about Derek and John Paul Jones’ fight show just how wild it was to watch.

JPJ has been dating Haley Ferguson, but he’s still more focused on his feelings for Tayshia. And even more than his feelings for Tayshia, he seems to be preoccupied with how wrong Derek is for her.

"Derek’s intentions are not pure. Tayshia’s not looking for a guy like Derek," JPJ said. He explained that he simply has an instinct that gives him a bad feeling about Derek, the same way that animals know to "fly south for the winter." He also said that he was worried about Derek manipulating Tayshia.

"He’s a fraternity brother who is here to take advantage of women. I don’t have a lot of claims to substantiate that. But, Derek is a fraud, that is a fact," JPJ said.

While JPJ was talking about how his issues with Derek, Derek explained to Haley that JPJ was more interested in Tayshia than in her. That pushed Haley to confront JPJ and tell him that she doesn’t want to be used as anybody’s plan B.

JPJ had a pretty heated conversation with Haley. But, that was nothing compared to the blowout fight he had once Derek asked him to talk privately. He said he wanted to "gain some understanding" about how their friendship has turned sour. JPJ said that Tayshia had chosen him, while Derek pointed out that JPJ doesn’t get to make decisions for her.

JPJ told Derek he has an "impeccable reputation" and Derek asked JPJ to stop getting in his face. JPJ laughed at that request, which was a bit… odd to say the least.

While Derek and JPJ were fighting, the rest of the Paradise crew was watching. It’s bad enough having an audience for your argument, but it’s even worse to have the girl you’re fighting over witness it all. Tayshia seemed to be really turned off by the whole thing, so it looks like both Derek and JPJ might have been the losers of this fight. "They were aruguing like school children. After all this, I might be ready to move on," Tayshia said.

After all the fighting between JPJ and Derek, Tayshia seemed ready to completely move on for a totally fresh start with someone new. She was hopeful that she would get to go on a date with Matt Donald. but unfortunately she didn’t get chosen. Instead, she was stuck in a love triangle she "didn’t even want to be in."

Season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise continues at 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Sept. 3, on ABC.

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