49 Epic Fails From 2019 (So Far) That'll Make You Crack Up Laughing

1.This iconic Facebook status:

2.This hilarious misunderstanding:

3.These hysterical dog panoramas:

4.This perplexingly ominous wrong number text:

5.This explicit misspelling:

6.This online shopping fail:

7.This Netflix glitch:

8.This crime against chicken:

9.This hilarious pattern placement;

10.This historical Freudian slip:

11.This dog’s cursed grooming:

12.This paradox:

13.This double whammy:

14.This Yelp dunk:

15.This X-rated laundry bag:

16.These technically correct answers:

17.This umbrella/handmaid mixup:

18.This sorry excuse for fries with cheese:

19.This boyfriend who took things too literally:

20.This washing machine mixup:

21.This absolute genius:

22.This kid who’s probably STILL grounded:

23.This customer who just answered the question she was asked:

24.This friendship fail that I empathize with 100%:

25.This Mariah Carey–Marie Curie mixup:

26.This *Italian chef kiss* perfect timing:

27.This flip that was a total flop:

28.This typo:

29.This counterfeiter who wasn’t about to get caught:

30.This V-Day backfire:

31.This dropkick fail:

32.This man whose AirPods should be confiscated immediately:

33.This person who should be on the No Fly List:

34.This nonexistent time:

35.This hilarious roast:

36.And this app-solute disaster (sry):

37.This creative answer:

38.This unfortunate font choice:

39.This unimpressed audience member:

40.This sour situation:

41.These d-bags:

42.This mom’s perplexing labeling:

43.This marital mishap:

44.This vicious swan:

45.This trunk punch to the face:

46.This Insta-fail:

47.This shrinkage situation:

48.This feisty customer service response:

49.And finally, this kid’s solution to cooling down Hot Cheetos:

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