Amazon Introduces Mini-Truck-Like Electric Cargo Bikes to Make Deliveries in the UK

Amazon has launched its first-ever “micromobility hub” in the United Kingdom, intending to swap “thousands” of polluting delivery trucks with cargo bikes and walking.

First seen in action in the London borough of Hackney, the project was curated with the goal of achieving its climate goal to have 50% of its deliveries fully carbon neutral by 2030. The company claimed to deliver 1 million packages annually using electric cargo bikes and walking. “Amazon is driving towards a global net-zero carbon future. One way we’re doing that is through the transformation of our transportation networks,” John Boumphrey, the UK Country Manager at Amazon, said in a statement.

The carbon-neutral deliveries will occur within a tenth of London’s ultra-low emissions zone. The vehicles will be charged a fee based on the produced emissions. E-bikes and electric-powered vehicles are exempt from the charge. The company stated that they plan on introducing additional hubs in the foreseeable future. Amazon already operates 1,000 electric delivery vans in the United Kingdom, with plans to introduce the lineup in the United States later this year.

During the past few years, there has been an increased growth in electric cargo bikes, designed to look like mini-trucks, to become more environmentally friendly. FedEx uses e-bikes in London and Domino’s partnered with Rad Power Bikes to deliver pizza in a couple of cities.

A cargo e-bikes are definitely a first, and if Amazon fulfills its promise, its micromobility efforts in the United Kingdom could be the first.

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