Jessica Alba's Twitter account hacked, homophobic and racist messages sent out

Actress Jessica Alba did not have a peaceful weekend.

A hacker took control of her Twitter account late last Saturday (July 27) and posted a series of inflammatory messages.

One tweet said “Nazi Germany did nothing wrong”, even though historians reported that Adolf Hitler sent millions of Jews to concentration camps in World War II.

Other hateful messages included offers of a reward to anyone who targeted homosexuals and complaints against certain racial groups over their links to high crime rates.

But the hack was discovered early on Sunday (July 28), with Twitter employees deleting all the objectionable tweets, reported Fox News.

Alba, 38, who has more than nine million Twitter followers, reportedly slept through the entire hacking episode.

It is not known why the hackers chose her account, since any extraordinary tweets would be suspect, given that she is not associated with any radical ideas or comments.

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