YouTube Is Testing Out an AI Chatbot That Will Appear Under Videos

In 2023, the tech industry was seemingly taken over by AI chatbots, from the explosive popularity of ChatGPT to Anthropic’s Claude and, most recently, Elon Musk’s Grok bot for xAI.

YouTube has seemingly become the latest platform to capitalize on the chatbot boom. The company is reportedly testing out an AI chatbot that will appear under videos, inviting viewers to strike up a conversation.

Announced in a blog post published by Google Support, the “conversational AI” is designed to answer questions about the video playing above and other recommendations for related content. Users will be able to tap a button that says “Ask” and type out their own questions or choose from a list of suggested prompts.

“For certain academic videos, the tool can aid learning journeys by providing quizzes and responses that encourage deeper understanding,” YouTube explained.

The conversational AI feature is currently in the beta testing phase and will appear under videos to just a limited group of users. YouTube is planning to roll out the feature to YouTube Premium subscribers in the US first following the beta.

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