Celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek shares his top fashion tips

Fashion rule book? Rip it up! Stylist to the stars Johnny Wujek shares his top fashion tips to add a little excitement to YOUR wardrobe

  • Johnny Wujek is responsible for some of the most recognisable celebrity looks 
  • He’s dressed Kate Mara, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry and worked with Tyra Banks
  • Here, he gives FEMAIL some fashion advice to spice up your ensembles 

From the sleek style of Kate Mara to the head-turning outfits of Nicki Minaj, stylist Johnny Wujek is responsible for some of the most recognisable celebrity looks. 

A former male model, he began working in the costume department on indie film sets before he met a then ‘unfamous’ Katy Perry at a house party in Beverly Hills. 

With their mutual love of quirky style and tendency to push boundaries, the pair became fast friends, and Wujek created some of her best outfits. 

He got further validation when Tyra Banks handpicked him to join her America’s Next Top Model team as a creative consultant and guest judge.

Here, he gives FEMAIL some of his best fashion advice to spice up your ensembles…  

Cartoon character: The stylist designed a Smurfette dress for Katy Perry to wear to the 2011 premiere of the movie in New York

Start slow 

While Wujek has never been one to shy away from the more eccentric outfits, he warns that those wanting to add a little vibrancy into their wardrobes shouldn’t jump straight to extremes.

‘I feel like you don’t want to clean out your closet and start with a bunch of new things that you’ve never done before,’ he said. 

‘It’s about gradually trying new pieces, throwing some colour in there and some trends. If you’re a girl who likes black, then try and experiment a little.’

The celebrity stylist suggested that once you add in these little dashes of colours or trendy garments, people will start positively reacting to the change and you’ll feel more daring. 

He added: ‘See what works with your body type and your skin tone. But I think you just add in some fun prints and some colours and people start reacting and you’ll feel more confident.’

Celebrity stylist Johnny Wujek shares his tips with Femail

Anything goes 

Fashion rule book? Rip it up, says Wujek. The stylist insisted that there are no guidelines when it comes to fashion and that people should feel free to wear whatever want.

He explained: ‘Fashion is just kind of anything goes now. It’s personal style, shopping. Everyone has their own style and aesthetic.

‘Style is so evolved to a place where everyone is doing whatever they want however they want it. 

‘I feel like sure, every girl should have a sexy little black dress and a dope leather jacket and b***** high heels but there’s no formula anymore it’s just kind of “Do you”.’

Wujek added that the best of fashion is no longer a secret kept between the A-listers, and that each person can now be comfortable with their own style. 

The costume designer continued: ‘I really think that these days there are no secrets. I think the cat’s out of the bag to be honest. 

‘Everybody knows about the shape-wear and this and that so it’s really case sensitive and each client is so different.’ 

Super bass: Nicki Minaj in a bird of paradise-inspired outfit at the MAC launch in New York in 2010, designed by Wujek

Take a risk 

Daring to take risks is what fashion is all about for Wujek, who has No Regrets tattooed on his arm.

The adventurous costume designer said adding that one bold item can take your ensemble from standard to outstanding – but not if you’re playing it safe. 

Accessories first 

But if you’re struggling to decide how best to add in some colour to your outfits, then the LA-based Michigan-raised stylist suggest utilising accessories first. 

A bold necklace piece will jazz [an ensemble] up or some colourful shoes,’ he said. 

‘Shoes always gives it a fun pop of colour and people always look at your shoes and always comment.’

‘Mix in new piece,’ he recommended. ‘Even if it’s just a leather jacket but the leather jacket is in a colour, or its dresses that have colour or print to them.

‘Just something that’s the opposite to what you normally do. If you’re someone who plays it safe, then take a risk.’

And nothing is ever too much for the stylist to the stars. 

‘Never think that,’ he replied, when asked if anything is ever too bold. ‘Anything’s possible.

‘I think you just have to always try. I mean, look, there’s been times when I’ve made costumes that don’t work.

‘It’s like, this isn’t going to work in the end or this is too complicated for tour, it’s not going to hold up. But I just feel like you have to try and have no regrets.’

Bright lights: The Roar singer wore a costume light-up gown to the 2010 Met Ball in New York. With the statement necklace helping to grab attention, designed by Wujek

Baby blues: Bella Thorne wowed in a Versace gown at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards in LA, created by Wujek

Don’t limit the ‘maximalist’ to just your clothes

And it’s not just clothes that Wujek adds his ‘extra’ touch to, as he has recently helped design a hotel suite to squash any arguments between minimalist and maximalist couples. 

Creating the maximalist side of the half-and-half room, Wujek feels that the bright and vibrant style of the suite can be drawn into any home.

‘You don’t obviously want to make your whole house crazy maximalist all of a sudden but if you have more of a toned down style I always say its fun to throw in accent pieces or really cool art,’ he explained.  

‘Start slow. Put some pillows down that have some cool prints or texture and colour, or a cool art piece to excite your wall… things like that are a nice way to start. 

‘Find one really cool piece you like, then you pull some other colours out of it. Then add some pillows or add some little table accessories to it.’ 

While he admitted the hotel room is a drastic version of having simple and extreme together, Wujek insisted: ‘You could have a beautiful, maximalist art piece in a really modern, clean classic room.

‘You can add those elements and those pops and they can live harmoniously.’

Wujek has currently been working with Hotels.com on a half minimalist and half maximalist hotel suite at The Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch, London (pictured) 

Johnny Wujek has currently been working with Hotels.com on a half minimalist and half maximalist hotel suite at The Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch, London. 

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