Is Donald Trump Trying to Deport Melania?

Trevor Noah made a convincing argument on Wednesday night’s “The Daily Show”.

Donald Trump‘s anti-immigrant rhetoric is not against all Mexicans, but rather just one Slovenian, Trevor Noah has claimed.

The Hashtag #DontDeportMelania was trending on Thursday morning after "The Daily Show" Host made the argument that the President is actually trying to deport his wife.

He pointed out that one of Trump’s biggest complaints is people who come to the US illegally — an accusation that has also been aimed at Melania. He cited an AP report that claimed Melania was modelling in the US while she was flying back and forth to her home country to get her visa re-stamped — a step she would only have to take on a tourist visa, which does not permit work in the States.

"Melania’s staff promised she would hold a press conference to clear up her questionable immigration history… and then it never happened," Trevor said. "Now to be fair, it’s only been three years since that promise was made."

He went on to point out that Trump attacks immigrants who claim special visa status when they have none.

"Now again, people assume Trump was talking about Indian computer programmers in Silicon Valley; but if you follow the clues, you’ll realize this guy was actually slamming his wife," The South African claimed.

This time he cited a Washington Post report that questioned how Melania ultimately landed an "Einstein Visa", usually reserved for academic researchers, Olympic athletes and Oscar-winning actors.

Another Trump thorn is so-called chain immigration, in which one immigrant can bring "virtually unlimited numbers of distant relatives family members" — or as the POTUS also described it: "you come in and bring your whole damn family".

However, an ABC report showed Melania’s family — Trump’s own in-laws — taking advantage of the exact same system to obtain their green cards.

"That’s right, Melania Trump helped her parents chain migrate to the US; so that’s what Donald Trump was trying to stop," Noah surmised. "He was trying to turn his in-laws into outlaws."

His final piece of evidence came from Trump’s latest policy proposal, which would see any immigrants who receive assistance from the Government being denied green cards… before pointing out that Melania lives for free in a house provided by the Government — a big White one.

"I see what you’re doing Donald! and I’m not going to let it happen!" Noah warned, calling on people to tweet the hashtag #DontDeportMelania — which soon began trending afterwards.

"Because if this great immigrant is forced to leave this country, then the United States can never truly ‘Be Best’,"

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