It is time to help the people who help us, says Voice of the People

Today, like every day, our long-suffering police force will take to the streets to protect us.

But they’ll do it with heavier hearts. It must get harder every day. The death of PC Andrew Harper will hang over the force for a long time.

None of it gets easier for our police officers.

The stresses of the job are incredible.

No one signs up to be a police officer expecting things to be easy.

But you do hold some basic expectations.

You expect to have the Government’s support.

You expect the the proper kit.

You expect the support and respect of the public.

But in 2019, amazingly, tragically, none of those expectations are met.

The force is undermanned by tens of thousands.

Single crews are called out to dangerous incidents.

And the level of assaults on officers is almost beyond belief.

Nearly 31,000 were assaulted in England and Wales last year.

In London there were just short of 5,000 attacks on cops.

A dangerous job is becoming even more tough.

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