Monster mum cancels Xmas for disrespectful kids and returns gifts to shop

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year.

However, this "monstrous" step-mum has decided to cancel Christmas for her teenage stepchildren.

After enduring years of “manipulation” and “torment” , the woman reached boiling point and took the extreme action ahead of the big day.

Helping to raise the 12-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy along with her husband since 2018, the woman has now handed the pair back over to their birth mum for good.

Struggling with the ordeal, the woman took to Reddit to have a rant about the couple of rowdy kids.

She explained: “I can't even express to you how much they have put me and my husband through. They are vindictive, liars, master manipulators, so disrespectful and tell anyone who will listen that I mistreat them.

“They are little clones of their mother who literally can't be explained in words. She is the actual scum of the earth.”

The woman’s husband obtained primary custody of the pair in 2018, which has apparently caused nothing but trouble.

She fears for her seven year relationship – although does get some breathing space when the kids are with their birth mum for weekends and summer holidays.

However, things came to blows back in October 2020 on the woman’s wedding day when the kids' behaviour turned from bad to worse.

She claimed: “My stepson acted like a complete a*** at our wedding in front of everyone.

“Then while we were on our honeymoon they stayed with their mother and insisted they didn't want to come home because they are so mistreated and abused and they aren't allowed to speak to their dad so we let them stay with her for two months.

“Of course she sent them home when she decided she was done with them. This occurs every single weekend… they run my name through the mud when I've literally done everything I could for them the last seven years.”

Not only does the woman have to endure the kids rotten behaviour, the teenage girl had also been in trouble for “calling someone the ‘n’ word at school".

The stepson even started to tarnish her name to neighbours and staff at the school.

She admitted: “They don't want to live with us, this has been happening for years, and it's so bad my husband and I are on medication now and I'm being referred to a cardiologist and suffer from PTSD.”

Having enough of the naughty pair, the woman returned all of their Christmas presents back to the shop – and then returned them back to their maternal mum.

She added: “My husband will be giving her primary residency.

“I know you all probably think I'm awful too but we have tried everything! Everyone says "oh but they're just kids, this is normal teenage stuff" but it's not.

“No one understands unless they are in the situation. We didn't want it to come to this.”

Despite brandishing herself a “monster”, many people fled to the comments to provide the woman with some support.

One person commented: “No judgement here, just wow. When you're being wound up to the point of PTSD and being referred to a cardiologist it's definitely time to take care of yourself.”

Another user added: “Now I have to say that these kids are clearly begging for their mum's attention and she doesn't want them and they know it.”

A third person noted: “This is a celebration post! You are getting your sanity back.”

Someone else stated: “If I were in your situation I’d do the same thing!”

Meanwhile, a fifth user related: “No judgment here! Because girl if I could send my husband's son away I freaking would.”

Let us know in the comments if you think the woman is a ‘monster’!

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