People with these three personality traits are more likely to cheat, love guru says

Should you ever reconcile with a cheating partner?

According to one relationship expert, love-rats who possess three qualities are unlikely to ever change their ways.

Here are the warning signs to look out for.

Australian relationship guru, Dr Lurve, recently spilled her words of wisdom.

In an interview with, she explained that cheaters tend to be quite self-centred.

She also said unfaithful men and women are likely to lack empathy and may show disinterest in their partners.

Dr Lurve said: “There are many reasons why people cheat, and for the most part it has nothing to do with the victim in the situation; it’s about the offender and their self-destructive tendencies.”

She added:  “People are more likely to cheat if their personality is less empathetic, they are disinterested or passive in most circumstances, and tend to put their own needs before others.

“On the other hand, someone who is very religious, conservative or holds high moral standards is less likely to cheat due to their concrete belief system.”

Dr Lurve says many people struggle to bounce back when their partner has been unfaithful.

While some give their other halves a second chance, when the trust is gone it can feel tricky to move forward.

On Instagram, Dr Lurve added: “If you’ve been cheated on or have cheated, the main concern for any relationship is rebuilding trust.

“While some couples have overcome cheating scandals and have come out stronger for it, most couples don’t get past the feeling of betrayal.

“Cheating is a violation of trust and as a result the victim of cheating may feel the reason their partner cheated is because they aren’t enough.

“If you’re unable to build trust and forgive and forget over time, it’s best to let the relationship come to a natural end than put bandaids over bullet wounds.⁠”

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