Plastic surgeons weigh in on Adriana Lima's 'unrecognizable' look

What’s REALLY behind Adriana Lima’s dramatic transformation? Plastic surgeons reveal the many procedures they believe the Victoria’s Secret model may have undergone – after she shocked fans with her ‘unrecognizable’ appearance

  • Adriana, 42, made headlines for her beauty transformation within the month
  • The model hit the Hunger Games red carpet and looked unrecognizable
  • Plastic surgeons weighed in with possible procedures the model could have had 

Adriana Lima left fans stunned earlier this week when she stepped out at the premiere of the new Hunger Games premiere sporting a drastic new look – and now several plastic surgeons have offered some insight into the procedures that might have caused her ‘unrecognizable’ appearance. 

The 42-year-old model was forced to defend herself against accusations that she had gotten cosmetic surgery – insisting that her drastic new look was simply the result of her being a ‘tired mom’.

Social media users were sent into a frenzy after she hit the red carpet for The Ballad Of Songbirds and Snakes in Los Angeles on Tuesday, with one person commenting on Instagram: ‘She did something to her face, Botox, fillers, she’s not the same.’

Following the intense scrutiny, the Victoria’s Secret Angel took to Instagram Stories to share a bare-faced selfie, writing: ‘This is the face of a tired mom of one teenage girl, two pre-teens, one active boy, a 1 year old learning to walk, and three dogs… thanks for your concern.’ 

But her protestations didn’t help to quell the rumors and now three plastic surgeons are offering their expert opinions to about what may have sparked her sudden makeover. 

Adriana Lima (pictured left in October), 42, has been forced to defend herself against cosmetic surgery rumors after her appearance at the premiere of a new Hunger Games prequel (right) 

Now plastic surgeons have weighed in, believing Adriana has gotten Botox in her forehead; lip, jaw, and cheek filler; and a fox-eye lift 

Some social media users claimed she looked ‘unrecognizable’ after she hit the red carpet for The Ballad Of Songbirds And Snakes in Los Angeles on Tuesday 

Fill ‘er up! Plastic surgeons break down Adriana’s possible procedures

  • Fox-eye lift with PDO threads 
  • Brow surgery  
  • Filler in cheeks, lips, and jawline 
  • Botox in forehead 
  • Microneedling 
  • Fat transfer


New York-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Levine suggested a number of procedures that could have led to Adriana’s ‘swollen’ appearance, including fillers and a surgical brow lift – although she noticed that the so-called swelling could also be caused by medications or health issues.

‘It appears that her face is swollen around the eyes and mouth especially, as her eyes seem smaller, the brow is unnaturally angled and her smile seems less genuine,’ she explained. 

‘Some changes to her face can occur with aging,’ Dr. Levine continued, adding ‘medications or health issues can also cause some of these changes’. 

‘It is possible that she has had a combination of fillers, threads and some neuromodulators.’

‘It is also possible for her to have had a surgical brow lift,’ she went on, citing the extreme tilt to the side of Adriana’s brow. 

She explained it ‘can be achieved with PDO threads, which are placed below the skin and have barbs that help lift and reposition the tissue.’

Beverly Hills, California-based aesthetics doctor Dr. Rahi Sarbaziha also thinks Adriana might have had PDO threads, which is a procedure that uses dissolvable sutures to lift the skin, before opting for a different surgery.

‘It looks like she may have upgraded to brow surgery to create her sharp, angled brows,’ Dr. Rahi said.

‘It’s also very possible that the procedure was recent and the surgical swelling that hasn’t yet resolved,’ Dr. Rahi considered, adding that ‘surgical swelling can take up to one year to go down.’ 

Dr. Rahi explained that she appears to have had ‘visible filler in her lips and cheeks, and some type of neurotoxin in the forehead and brow area.’ The aesthetics specialist continued: ‘In my opinion, she’s had a lot done but it’s good-quality work,’ 

‘She doesn’t have any visible pores or scars, so I would assume she’s had some skin rejuvenation procedures, like microneedling, to keep her skin plump and hydrated,’ Dr. Rahi said, referencing the minimally invasive procedure that stimulates collagen to keep skin looking youthful.

The Brazilian supermodel looked different at the 80th Venice International Film Festival this year in September 

Adriana (seen in 2007) started modeling when she was only 13 before placing second in the Ford Supermodel of the World Contest when she was 15 

Adriana was one of the most famous faces of the Victoria’s Secret Angels, hitting the runway in 2018 in support of the lingerie brand 

Adriana hit the red carpet in 2021 with a sculpted, lifted beauty look that’s become her go-to

Meanwhile, New York City-based plastic surgeon Dr. Norman Rowe summed up the Brazilian beauty’s new look in three words: ‘Fill ‘er up.’ 

‘She has had quite a bit of filler injected into her cheeks, jawline and lips,’ Dr. Rowe theorized. ‘This is usually done in an attempt to lift the cheeks and address any minor skin sagging.’ 

Dr. Rowe also believed Adriana had Botox in her forehead and said: ‘These treatments are not that unusual for someone her age, as Botox and fillers are used routinely starting in a patient’s late 20s.’

The plastic surgeon believed there also might be ‘swelling associated with the injections, so she may have just timed the injection too close to the red carpet walk.’ 

Another New York-based cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ariel Ostad, assessed the transformation ‘could be from a combination of hyaluronic acid filler and fat transfer,’ which added volume to the face.  

‘Hyaluronic acid fillers are great and can redefine and contour the face to treat an individual’s concerns but when done by the wrong injector, it can cause the patient to look too overdone and can completely change the patient’s features,’ Dr. Ostad warned. 

The cosmetic surgeon continued: ‘There are a few different procedures that could have contributed to the change in her brows, eye shape, and face.

‘She could have possibly gotten a brow lift, HA fillers to add volume to her cheek bones, and a fox-eye lift,’ which is done using PDA threads. 

Dr. Ostad explained that a fox-eye lift involved lifting the outer edge of the eyebrow upwards to ‘mimic a facelift and upper eyelid surgery.’ 

‘These procedures combined together could provide a lifting effect to her appearance,’ the cosmetic surgeon said.

Her side: Following online discussions about her appearance, the supermodel took to Instagram to break her silence over plastic surgery rumors

Not everyone agreed, as New York City-based plastic surgeon Dr. Barry M. Weintraub believed the changes were due to ‘extreme makeup.’ 

Dr. Weintraub thought Adriana’s face appeared fuller due to giving birth to her third child in August of last year.  

‘In my opinion, her recent facial changes are likely due to extreme makeup rather than plastic surgery, because in her sans makeup photo, the unnatural angularity of her brows and the pulled look of her eyes is not present,’ Dr. Weintraub clarified. 

Dr. Weintraub said ‘had she undergone a facelift surgery, one would expect the excess fat under her chin and her early jowl formation visible in the no makeup photo to have been eradicated.’

‘Even without makeup, I think she looks terrific for a 42-year-old working model and mother of three children,’ Dr. Weintraub raved. has reached out to Adriana’s representative.  

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