Tori Spelling Fans Beg Her To Join ‘RHOBH’ After She Reveals If She’s Ever Been Asked

Tori Spelling has revealed that much to her own disappointment, she’s never been asked to join ‘RHOBH.’ Now fans are lobbying Andy Cohen and Bravo to get the actual Beverly Hills bred Tori on the show!

Tori Spelling has already been on Beverly Hills 90120 but there’s another show with the tony town’s title in it that she wishes she could be a part of. She appeared alongside Jennie Garth on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Aug. 5 to promote their BH90120 revival and a caller asked Tori, “I heard this morning there was a possibility that you were considering doing the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?” Tori forlornly responded, “I don’t know, Andy’s never asked me.”

“I know, I read that you’re offended that you’ve never been asked,” Andy responded with a laugh while Tori, 47, admitted “A little…a little. Cause I’m like the biggest fan and I feel like I grew up in Beverly Hills, and this one’s been asked,” as she pointed to her BH90210 co-star Jennie, 46, beside her, who said she was asked to be on RHOBH two years ago. Tori’s even friends with the cast, noting she’s pals with “Denise (Richards), Lisa (Rinna), Kyle (Richards)” so she’d fit right in.

Twitter lit up with fans in favor of Tori joining RHOBH. “#WWHL is sooooo good tonight with Jenni Garth and Tori Spelling. Loving that #90210 dirt. @andy needs to get Tori on #RHOBH stat,” a user named Serena wrote. A woman named Lu tweeted “Tori Spelling on #rhobh needs to happen! @Bravotv @andy #wwhl.” A fan named Michelle tweeted “What do I have to do as a Bravo fan and BH90210 fan to get the Princess of television Tori Spelling on RHOBH!! Would be a dream come true for so many!!!”

Is @torispelling getting a 💎 next season?! #RHOBH

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Earlier in the day the ladies stopped by Jenny McCarthy‘s SiriusXM radio talk show and Jennie revealed that she’s been approached to star on RHOBH. “They asked me! I was like ‘I’m the furthest thing from a desperate housewife,’” she recalled about the prospect, before asking if she even had the name right. ABC’s former dramedy Desperate Housewives and Bravo’s Real Housewives franchises are two totally different things. 

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