Daryl Sabara Celebrates 3 Years with Wife Meghan Trainor: 'Thank You for Loving Me'

Meghan Trainor‘s husband Daryl Sabara penned a touching tribute to the pop singer on Tuesday, their three-year anniversary.

Sharing a photo of the two in a sweet embrace on social media, Sabara, 27, celebrated “3 years of absolute magic” with Trainor, 25.

“You were the most incredible girlfriend. You were the most beautiful fiancée. You are the most loving and caring wife a husband could ever ask for,” he wrote.

“Thank you for loving me for me and for making me so happy each and every day,” Sabara added. “I love you @meghan_trainor. Forever and always.”

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Trainor and Sabara tied the knot on Dec. 22 in an intimate backyard ceremony at home in Los Angeles, before kicking off 2019 with a sun-soaked honeymoon at the luxury Brando resort in Bora Bora.

“Every day feels like our first date,” she gushed to PEOPLE about Sabara, who sings background vocals on her upcoming album Treat Myself, in December. “He treats me like a queen. My life is like a fairy tale.”

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Part of that future together includes babies.

Though Trainor was ready to get started right away, the couple have decided to put things on pause until Trainor’s record releases later this year and she’s able to tour it.

The waiting game hasn’t been easy. “I am aggressive,” Trainor told PEOPLE in May. “I am very like, ‘I want it, I want it now!’ When we went on our honeymoon, I was so inspired, I was like, ‘We should just do it now!’ And then I was like, ‘Wait a second, I have to go back and work a lot.’ So, we didn’t do it. I am not ‘preggos.’ I just cannot wait though.”

“I have wanted babies forever, and my mom had us when she was 23 and 25, so I am like, ‘I need them now!’ ” she added. “I cry when I walk by diapers, it is a whole thing. My therapist is like, ‘Just wait!’ “

Indeed, Sabara can’t wait to be a dad. “I feel like we’ve already been married since we’ve been together, but I guess it’s just that special bond,” he told PEOPLE in January. “We just want kids. I’m excited to be her husband so I can be a dad and we can have kids together.”

Trainor joked to PEOPLE in May that she and Sabara were “gross” about how “obsessed with each other, from the beginning” they were in their relationship, even saying “I love you” as early as “day six.” But it works for them, as the affection is mutual.

“By month one, we were like, ‘We’re getting married and having two kids!’ We kind of locked it down. I’m kind of obsessive like that,” she said. “I guess [marriage] doesn’t feel different except for the fact that everyone on the outside knows how we feel on the inside.”

“That is how we say it, and it may sound a little weird and gross, but now you guys can understand how obsessed we are with each other,” Trainor quipped.

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