Christmas Rom-Coms on Netflix to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

Do you love a kiss under the mistletoe? Are you a sucker for a love story wrapped up in holiday spirit and hot cocoa? When it comes to rom-coms, combining the love story with wreaths, candy canes, decorated pine trees, and surprise gifts adds a layer of cheesy loveability to the genre. So, below, find a few holiday-themed rom-coms on Netflix to watch leading up to the gift-giving season. 

1. ‘The Holidate’

The Holidate is a 2020 Netflix original that hit the streaming platform on October 28, which was appropriate (to an extent) given the fact that the film features Halloween.

The movie stars Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey as two single 20-somethings who decide to pair up for the holidays. They yearn to avoid all the questioning from family and friends — as well as all the doom and gloom glances from across the room — regarding their singlehood. 

It’s easy to figure out where this movie is going from the get-go. However, the film boasts a few good laughs, and the leads possess just enough contagious energy to carry the otherwise weak narrative and somewhat vulgar approach to humor. It’s not exactly family-friendly, but it’s definitely in the holiday spirit – if that spirit is dripping with cynicism and sex. 

2. ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ 

Operation Christmas Drop is loosely based on the U.S. Air Force Operation Christmas Drop humanitarian mission. The film follows Congressional Aide Erica (Kat Graham) who leaves her family behind on Christmas to travel at her boss’s persistence. She meets Captain Andrew Jantz (Alexander Ludwig), who knows her assignment is to find reasons to defund the facility. The film also stars Trezzo Mahoro, Bethany Brown, Rohan Campbell, and more. 

Operation Christmas Drop is quite the typical holiday rom-com, yet knowing it’s based loosely on a real-life story adds a layer of intrigue that makes the film worth watching. 

3. ‘The Knight Before Christmas’

The Knight Before Christmas premiered in 2019 and stars Vanessa Hudgeons and Josh Whitehouse in a film about a medieval knight (Whitehouse) who is transported to the present-day and falls in love with a high school science teacher (Hudgeons). 

4. ‘Midnight at the Magnolia’

Midnight at the Magnolia follows longtime friends Maggie and Jack who fake it as a couple for their families, as well as for listeners in hopes of getting their show syndicated. The 2020 Netflix original stars Natalie Hall, Evan Williams, and Alison Brooks and falls close to the Hallmark holiday film territory. 

So, between The Knight Before Christmas and The Holidate, be sure to spread out the rom-coms over the next two months. And, when you finish this list, check out A Christmas Prince and A Christmas Catch (both of which are also available on Netflix). 

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